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We received the following seeking emeriti to participate in a 
development project.

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*Subject:* Seeking Emeriti Faculty for Consultant work with OHIO Global 
Services program

Dear OHIO Emeriti Faculty,

As the Director of the Global Services Program (GSP) in the Center for 
International Studies at Ohio University, I have had a request to put 
together a team of faculty to help a College of Science in Saudi Arabia 
reorganize and identify new programs needed to move the university 
forward and make it more in alignment with universities in the UK and 
US.  To that end, I am seeking  faculty in the sciences and in 
mathematics that would be interested in joining an OHIO team already in 
place there who is working with the College of Education. This would be 
a second team that would work with the College of Science.  There is a 
stipend for the curriculum design work and travel expenses are all 
covered with Business class flights, hotels, meals, and drivers covered 
as well.  You will travel with OHIO faculty and myself who have traveled 
to King Faisal University several times.

If you or any of your friends in mathematics, chemistry, physics, 
biology, geography or other areas are interested they can email me or 
call me at*740-541-8847*. This work will begin as soon as a team can be 
identified, briefed and obtain Visas to KSA.  There is funding that 
covers all air travel business class, visas, hotel, meals, drivers, etc. 
as well as payment for days working in Saudi Arabia. King Faisal 
University in Saudi Arabia would like to have the team (2 males and 2 
females) on campus from May 11th to May 14th (will need to leave the US 
on May 9).  It is most likely that this will be a year long project with 
three visits to KSA. The GSP will pay for the visa costs, however, you 
must already have a valid passport due the short time to the visit and 
the length of time it takes to obtain a Visa from Saudi Arabia.

The GSP engages in helping universities around the world who call upon 
OU to help design curriculum, discuss accreditation in a variety of 
disciplines, provide professional development  and training and program 
evaluation. We also help to identify OU faculty and administration for 
conference speakers to a wide variety of different universities and 

*Please feel free to distribute this email to other emeritus or present 
OHIO faculty that you think might be interested.*

Thank you for your consideration,

Dr. Teresa Franklin
Global Services Program, Director

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