[Emeritiassoc] Emeriti lunch list

Edward Baum baum at ohio.edu
Tue Apr 22 20:45:19 EDT 2014


Each week Ruth and Dick must inform the O.U. Inn how many to expect for 
lunch based on what  is on their "always" list and those who phoned in 
specific reservations. The Inn does give us a little leeway from that 

However, when many of those on the list do not show up the Inn expects 
us to pay for what we have guaranteed them.

Last Thursday sixteen emeriti who were expected to have lunch with us 
did not show up. This represents a cost of $240 over what we have 

I am working with the Inn to come to an adjustment but neither they nor 
we can continue to cover the costs of those who just don't show up when 
they are expected. I will let you know the results of our discussions.

However, please remember, if you are not going to attend you MUST let 
Ruth know by the beginning of the week of the lunch (of course, sudden 
illness, etc., can happen and the Inn can take that into account).

If you do not attend and we are billed for your lunch based on our 
"guarantee" to them, please expect to receive a bill from me.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

Your lowly treasurer,


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