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Dear Emeriti,
    Here is information from the university’s IT office.  We will have someone at the luncheon next week to answer questions.

As many of you may have heard, Ohio University is upgrading our email and calendaring system! The old Oak and Oracle Calendar systems are finally retiring as we contemporize by moving to Microsoft Exchange, which utilizes Outlook, Entourage, MacMail, iCal, and a greatly improved web-access email interface. This long-awaited improvement has been in progress since early 2010, and will complete by the end of February 2011. At this point, we have migrated the vast majority of employees and grad students to the new system, and will be working toward retirees  in the coming weeks, starting with Emeriti. It is an easy and welcome switch, and we will provide you with as  much support as possible. One of the project leads, Lisa Rudy, will spend a few minutes with us at our next meeting for a quick overview of coming changes, and to chat with us about our needs. If you would like more information about the Exchange Project in the meantime, visit www.ohio.edu/exchange <http://www.ohio.edu/exchange> .

An Excerpt from OIT’s new Transitions Newsletter:

>From Oak and Oracle Calendar to Exchange - The backbone of this transition uses a product called Exchange, though much more familiar software will be used for email: Outlook (for PCs) and Entourage (for Macs). So, you may hear or read about the “Exchange Project,” but please know that what it means to the vast majority of the university community is either “Outlook” or “Entourage.” Both are comprehensive and flexible software that manage email, appointments, to-do lists and contacts; they also are designed to synchronize with many mobile devices. For those with simpler email and calendaring needs, university Webmail is being replaced by Outlook Web Access <http://www.microsoft.com/exchange/code/owa>  - a dramatic improvement! Learn more about the entire Exchange Project at www.ohio.edu/exchange <http://www.ohio.edu/technology/exchange> .

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