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Robert H. Whealey whealey at ohio.edu
Sun Jul 26 15:23:08 EDT 2009

Does gasoline cost and time cost to get to the Plains equal the $2-$3 food 

Bob Whealey

--On Sunday, July 26, 2009 8:52 AM -0400 Edward Baum <baum at ohio.edu> wrote:

> Hi all,
> The O.U. Inn has raised their luncheon price to $14 so we have been
> looking at alternatives.
> One is to go ahead and pay the $14.
> The second is to have more of a deli bar buffet, which would cost $13.50
> (see below)
> The third is to move the luncheon elsewhere. Dru Evarts has been in
> contact with the new facility at Eclipse (the small town off Johnson
> Road on the way to The Plains).
> It appears that they could provide a salad and sandwich buffet for $11
> or a lunch comparable to the O.U. Inn for $13.50.
> The advantage of the O.U. Inn is location, the disadvantage is price.
> The advantage of Eclipse is price, the disadvantage is location.
> Now we (the board) needs your input. Please let me know ASAP your
> preference. PLEASE DO NOT respond by pressing the reply button to this
> e-mail. Instead, e-mail me at baum at ohio.edu
> Many thanks,
> Ed
> The following are the $13.50 alternative menus of the O.U. Inn.
> Menu 1:_Pasta Buffet_
> Coffee, Decaf, Hot Tea, and Water
> Fresh Garden Salad with Assorted Dressings
> Chef's Selection of Pasta
> Marinara Sauce
> Alfredo Sauce
> Rolls and Butter
> Assorted Cakes for Dessert
> Menu 2:_Deli Bar Buffet_
> Coffee, Decaf, Hot Tea, and Water
> Fresh Garden Salad with Assorted Dressings
> Potato Salad
> Sliced Roasted Ham
> Smoked Turkey Breast
> Lean Roast Beef
> Swiss and American Cheeses
> Selection of Whole Wheat, White, and Rye Bread
> Potato ChipsAssorted Jumbo Cookies
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