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My name is Nick Warren and I am contacting you as the Director of WindAid Institute. WindAid is a non-profit focused on building wind turbines with developing communities in Peru to provide them with clean and renewable energy solutions while addressing the effects of climate change. I am reaching out because I think we have some fantastic opportunities to offer the students at Ohio University in our volunteer programs. Thank you for taking the time to read and circulate this email!

Volunteering at WindAid
At WindAid Institute<http://www.WindAid.org> our mission is to provide a unique educational experience empowering people to create a sustainable world. We are based in Trujillo, Peru and build both 2.5 kW and 500 Watt wind turbines for small communities and families that are part of some 7 million people in Peru living with no access to grid electricity. Volunteering for WindAid Institute offers an opportunity to explore Peru and to understand firsthand the necessity of renewable energies. It is also an opportunity to learn in depth the design, construction, and installation of a wind turbine and see its direct impact on a rural community, a family or a school.

Volunteers get hands-on experience in all steps of designing, building and installing a wind turbine as part of a team. They will learn and gain expertise in such materials and processes as: carbon fiber, fiberglass, resin composites, steel structures and welding, electrical systems, aerodynamics, and much more; all the while getting to experience the life and cultures of Peru. There are no pre-requisite skills, we seek out passionate, enthusiastic individuals hungry to learn and create a positive change in the lives of others.

WindAid has had over 300 volunteers from 47 different countries with diverse educational backgrounds and interests who have gone on to do great things - many inspired to focus on sustainability or renewable energy - and become part of a global network of young and experienced professionals in these important fields. On our website, www.WindAid.org<http://www.WindAid.org>, you will find volunteer testimonials, as well as more info on the diverse wind energy projects we have completed and the opportunities we offer. You can also check out Facebook<https://www.facebook.com/WindAid-135946827512/> to learn more about the day-to-day life as a WindAid volunteer.

Our Project Groups<http://www.windaid.org/light-up-a-life/dates-costs/> are four weeks long, and if you are interested in a more immersive program we offer a limited number of Long-Term Volunteer opportunities. We have projects year-round with rolling application deadlines. Many 2017 projects are almost full, and we have just released the project opportunities for 2018, so apply soon<http://windaidinstitute.org/application-form/>!
2017 & 2018 Project Dates!



31 July - 25 August

8 January - 2 February

4 September - 29 September

12 February – 9 March

9 October - 3 November

19 March – 13 April

13 November - 8 December

... and many more!

More Information
We have organized select presentations and visits around the world this year to explain the effects of climate change, the benefits of renewable energy, and more about the opportunities WindAid Institute offers passionate individuals looking to help the millions here in Peru with no electricity. Please email us if you are interested in us doing a presentation at the Ohio University.

I have attached a promotional poster, and would greatly appreciate it if you could circulate it in a newsletter, a department website, or post it around campus. You can also find a lot of information on our website, and we are always interested to hear comments and questions at Volunteer at WindAid.org<mailto:Volunteer at WindAid.org>. Thank you for your interest and support!

All my best,

-Nick Warren

WindAid Institute Co-Founder & Executive Director
Volunteer at WindAid.org<mailto:Volunteer at WindAid.org>
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