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Hello grad students,

Attached is the syllabus for a new project-based CS 6900 course that starts next week. The course is about a software defined approach to computer networking, with emphasis on both wireless software defined radios as well as the new software defined networking paradigm in wired networks.

The contents of the course will be heavy w.r.t both EE concepts and programming. You will be expected to read selected research papers in the area, and present them to the class every 2-3 weeks. The final project (individual, not team) will account for most your grade. An example exciting idea for the final project is to develop a neural network for friend-or-foe classification, based on real life I-Q samples (see radioml.com). For wired network enthusiasts, you could consider developing and evaluating a new DDoS prevention technique on Mininet. 

The syllabus is attached – email me if you have any questions! The course topics section is reproduced below for your convenience.

Software defined radio: complex representation (I-Q) of baseband signals, Fourier analysis, random processes and their spectral description, signal space concepts, optimal AWGN receiver, synchronization, equalization, channel modeling, channel coding, equalization, cognitive radio/machine learning, spectrum sensing and cyclostationary techniques, optimization, estimation, detection, random matrix theory

Software defined networking: separation of control plane and data plane, routing versus forwarding, switching fabrics, access control lists, network management, OpenFlow, Northbound and Southbound APIs, Bufferbloat, OSPF/RIP/BGP routing protocols, the Mininet OpenFlow emulator, the Frenetic SDN programming language, the Kinetic event driven framework for network control

Harsha Chenji, Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Engineering And Computer Science, Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701

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