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Mon Aug 28 10:28:15 EDT 2017

Dear EECS grads,

If you're still looking for CS fall courses, consider taking CS5201: Software Verification. We'll do a bunch of cool things in the course (about which more here: http://ace.cs.ohio.edu/~gstewart/courses/4201-17/), centered on using the proof assistant Coq (https://coq.inria.fr/, a super-advanced functional programming language) to prove the correctness of software systems.

Lecture: MWF 3:05-4:00 pm in ARC 159

Here are some anonymous student testimonials from previous offerings:


"I really liked the entire course. This course was excellently put together. The professor was able to give great introduction to new concepts, answer questions, and link the lecture and assignments together.

"Dr. Stewart has been very helpful and available even outside of his office hours to help with assignments, and other questions associated with the course.

"The material was very interesting to me - so much so that I plan to work through the software foundation book over winter break for fun. The instructor is pleasant to work with, I look forward to working with him on projects related to the class.

"The instructor is amazing. He broke down a difficult subject and made it accessible to students like me who struggle with higher level

"I find the coursework very unique and that it helps bridge the gap between Mathematics and Computer Science.

"It was very entertaining to learn how to deal with machine proofs-and satisfying once you convinced the machine that you were correct.

"Professor Stewart is an excellent teacher who explains things well and very clearly. He has a great ability to simplify otherwise VERY
complicated material.

If you're currently unfunded or are looking for an RA position, I'll mention that a number of my current grad. students were recruited via this course and I may have additional open RA positions either in spring or fall 2018.

Note that since CS5201 is a 5000-level course, it doesn't technically meet the requirement that MSCS students take only 6000-level courses. I'm working, however, on getting a one-time exception this semester (and am cautiously optimistic this will happen). Feel free to talk to me anytime (Stocker 355) if you want to know more.


- Gordon
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