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Hey Bros!!

NSEC service week hours have been posted! Hours start March 31st and go
until April 15th.

Below is a list of the hours available to you:

1. March 31st- Bake Sale Donations— we will be having a bake sale to raise
money to purchase additional items for the Spartan Closest.

2. Digital Flyers—post on social media about the bake sale— a flyer will be
on Facebook soon- this counts as 0.5 hours, but can post twice to receive a
full hour.

3. Bake Sale Tabling: there are three days in which you can sit and table
for the bake sale. Dates are April 2nd (2-5), April 3rd (305), and April
4th (10-1).

4. Donating to Spartan Closet- look on the website for more details— but
please consider donating some old clothing you don’t wear as much— this is
really important to the school.

5. Assembling hygiene bags and fold/pack clothes- There will be two
stations where one group will assemble hygiene bags and another will fold
and sorta clothes that have been donated.

6. Help deliver and pack - Monday the 15th Maddie will be driving items to
Alexander and could use help carrying in the items.

Feel free to email or text us with any questions

Also, remember that NSEC service hours can roll-over so consider donating
some clothes :)


Carly- 440-990-0879
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