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Hey all!

Just a reminder about the *Leadership Summit *coming up hosted by Matthew

Leadership Summit:  The exciting and fun way to learn how to be an
effective leader!

*March 24th   12:00pm - 6:00pm*

Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center (Baker 366)

Leadership is needed in every aspect of life, from your job, to your school
project group.  Knowing even just the basics of leadership will help you
get that promotion at your job, or let you be the team leader!

This training will expand on the principles of leadership.  From teaching
methods to team development, you will learn the basic necessities to
running a team as effectively as possible.

Based off of how the Boy Scouts teaches trainings in many of it's own
leadership events, this training is proven to teach the best leadership

This event will not just be a boring class you sit in.  There will be many
fun activities and projects that you and other students will work together

This event is *free!* Absolutely no charge to students who want to learn
how to be more effective leaders.

Attached to this email is the sign-up sheet.  Fill it out and email/text it
to Matthew Mulholland at mm859516 at ohio.edu or 740 588 3320
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