[Aphio-L] Long Message, Please Read. Baker Ballroom Tomorrow 7pm-9pm, Be There!

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Tue Feb 20 22:58:01 EST 2018

Evening, friends!

Faculty Pageant is tomorrow from 7pm-9pm in the Baker Ballroom. * air horn,
air horn, yaaa yeet *

*Hey Nu, Pi, and Rho fams!* Don’t forget that you can join us for a free
dinner at 6pm in the Baker Ballroom because you raised the most money
during the friendship bracelet tabling! Miller’s Chicken will be catering.

*ACTIVES read this*:

Faculty Pageant is a MANDATORY event, which means that you can only be
missing for university excused absences. If you are unable to attend,
please email facultypageant.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com Ryan and I will sit
down and go through your emails to determine if your absence is excused or
not. We aren’t responding to absence emails right now because we are still
making final arrangements for tomorrow and have been very busy because of
it. If we feel that an excuse is not acceptable, we will notify you via
email by this Friday, the 23rd. We will be flexible for certain
circumstances, but please use your best judgement before you email us an
excuse. If you miss the event without and approved absence, you will be
docked one FP hour, which means you will have to make up for it later this

*PLEDGES read this:*

Ryan and I realize that this event was q pretty quick turnaround from the
time you were activated. In the spirit of flexibility, this event is not
mandatory for you all. However, we still encourage you to come, as you will
still be getting 1 of your 2 required Faculty Pageant Hours, and also bcuz
this event is about be litty. If you are unable to attend, you will not be
docked an hour, you will simply just need to complete 1 hour later this
semester to make up for missing the event in order to obtain the 2 required

*EVERYONE read this:*

There will be plenty more hours available after the pageant. We are
planning several fundraisers that will require a lot of help from you all,
so if you’re feeling stressed about getting your hours, hopefully knowing
this helps a little.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, want to tell us you love
us or hate our guts, send us an email!

Lastly, get excited! We’re about to have so much fun at this pageant and
rake in the dough for Camp Quality! If you don’t have your ticket, you can
still get for $4 tomorrow from 1-4 at the top of Baker. Or $5 at the door
tomorrow starting at 6:30pm!

Sweet dreams,

FP boiz

Faculty Pageant Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
Delta Gamma Chapter

Ryan Capal

Mitch Howard
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