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Tue Feb 20 20:05:11 EST 2018

Hi bros!

Hope you are enjoying the warm weather. Here are some updates:

I made the Laurels Donations event for the next two chapters. Remember, you
can have up to 4 monetary service hours now! Also, you should go and paint
with the residents at Laurels! It's a great way to get your service hours
and make some new friends. Plus, we all need a little crafting in our life.

Secondly, Ms. Pam emailed us and expressed her disappointment with the lack
of volunteers at West Elementary lately! Come on guys, Ms. Pam really
depends on us. :( The semester is flying by, and this is also a great and
easy way to get your service hours!

Third, there is tabling up for the Chabad bake sale on February 27th.
Chabad is a Jewish org here at OU, and they need our help at their monthly
bake sales. The money raised goes to Save a Child's Heart in Israel! We are
offering you opportunities for crafting and baked goods, so I don't know
what could be better than that.

Lastly, get excited for the Good Works Walk this Saturday!!! Registration
begins at 8:30. Instead of making one big sign in, *just send us a pic of
you and your friends (with your names) participating in the walk! *

I think that is all for now, but lmk if I forgot anything. See you all
tomorrow at Faculty Pageant! :)

*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

*Monica Bollinger *

*Kaitlyn Moran *
*440.552.0770     *

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