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Mon Nov 6 15:44:11 EST 2017

Happy Monday everyone!

The "Early Bird" hours are finally up! Get a jump start on your sectional
hour, but PLEASE only sign up for one hour. This way everyone has a chance
to start early. If are confused, below is the hour breakdown to hopefully
answer some questions.

*Hour break down:*
*This Semester*: ONLY 1 hour possible to rollover into next semester
*Next Semester*: 2 hours (1 outside hour that can also be a rollover hour
and 1 hour for attending sectionals in February)

Next semester there will be a BUNCH of hours to choose from so no rush! We
just want to give everyone plenty of opportunities so no one feels rushed
for time at the start of a new year :)

*Sectionals Chairs*
*Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma*

Sarah Reardon

Rachel Nagy
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