[Aphio-L] PLEASE READ: check your hours!

Sergeant At Arms Delta Gamma saa.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 13:28:53 EST 2017

Hey bros!

As the semester winds down I'd like to remind you all to be checking your
hours and making sure they're logged correctly (that being said, also
understand that it can take a minute for execs to log your hours). It is
your responsibility to make sure your requirements are updated and accurate
before probation rolls around!

The way probation works is I run a report and generate a list of bros who
are short in each category. Those members are alerted that they are short
hours and, if that shortage is a mistake, are  given one week to provide
proof that they did indeed complete the hours in question. AFTER THAT
HAPPENS, actual probation alerts are sent out to bros who really are short
on requirements and the appeals process opens, at which point your status
is out of my hands.

Probation is set up that way to account for mistakes with how hours are
logged, because mistakes do happen. It's not my job to catch those mistakes
for you.

Please keep this things in mind - we have less than a month left in the
semester (I think) and spring probation is comin up fast.

As always, email/text me with any questions.


Maddie Weir
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Sergeant at Arms
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