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All service hours Caroline and I have received are up to date.  We are
human and make mistakes, so please check this week to make sure everything
is correct and we will update them this week!

Also, most rollover hours are in, be sure to check those too. I will update
the service week rollover hours as those are updated on the website!

Unfortunately, I had to go in this morning and dock people hours for event
we have not received sign ins for. PLEASE CHECK AND SEE IF YOU HAVE BEEN
DOCKED HOURS AND SEND IN SIGN INS! I want you all to have your service
hours for the semester!

Plenty of more opportunities this week to get last minute service hours!

Finish strong bros, and good luck on finals!

*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

*Cassidy Oliver*
*330.591.7822    *

*Caroline Fitzpatrick*
*614.638.5916          *

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