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HELLO THIS IS IMPORTANT! For the NSEC Beverage Stand, 1-3 people per table
THAT WILL BE AT THE FIRST SHIFT will be responsible for collecting the
*GIVE YOUR RECEIPTS TO EITHER ERICA OR I (we will accept them in
email/picture form)

Below there is a list of all of the people who have signed up for the first
shift of the beverage stand - separated by what table you will be at. There
needs to be an even amount of materials that are listed for donations at
each table. PLEASE communicate with your family mashups to make sure that
12 of you aren't getting cups and 3 are getting lemonade lol.. that would
not be good.

SO I need 1-3 people from each of these family mashups to volunteer to
collect their groups donations. (this makes it way less hectic for Erica
and I to set up the event so we are not running around campus like mad

Your water jug WILL BE PROVIDED - we bought 6 of them so please do not
worry about those. If you have a folding table PLEASE LET US KNOW.

So with all of this being said, the people who volunteer to collect the
donations please email us saying so! If no one volunteers then we will
assign people to do it or have the family heads do it.


Nina Yoke

Mallory Walsh

Any Biroschak

Mackenzie Gardner

Allison Cook

Gabby Fair

Hyeyoun Won

Victoria Beekman

Megan Armstrong

Morgan Ehreneit

Maisee Fried

Cassidy Oliver


Kaitlin Webb

Alex Macleod

Brenna Brossard

Carissa Pace

Lindsay Wallace

Brittany Conner

Maria Snyder

Alexis Nader


Stephanie Malov

Blue Kennedy

Austin Seaman

Kelly Mangosh

Kristin Saupe

Brittany Weiter

Made Staley

Kelly Shockley

Zachary Woods


Khan-Vy Tran

Anne Dillman

Maggie Stotts

Allison Richmond


Emma Torres

Rachel Stogdill

Melanie Koslovic

Megan Ruth

Emily Matthews

Sydney Hansen


Brittany Nelson

Jordan Marquis

Audrey Rizzo
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