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Paper chapter: 11/20/16



My committee MUST send me a full page or ¾ page of Leadership Hour ideas or
any ideas that you have about the Leadership position. If I do not receive
this you will be on probation next semester because I will NOT be giving
you a free hour.

Email the list of ideas to me: leadership.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com


Fellowship: Keep getting those fellowship hours, remember you need 3 events
(one of those three with your family).  Sign up for Thanksgiving Dinner on
Nov 30th! Have a great break & Happy Thanksgiving! We will be putting what
each family needs to bring on the facebook page


Keep selling Yankee Candles so far we have raised $724.80! S/O to the 22
people who have sold candles so far, you rock! You have until December 2nd
to sell candles to receive fundraising hours. After this date you are
welcome to still sell candles, because our account will be active until
January 11th but sales after Dec. 2nd WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS FUNDRAISING
HOURS. If you are still in need of an hour you can sell yankee candles, buy
pura vida bracelets at our last chapter, look through the swag box for
stuff for $10. Email the fundraising account if you have any questions!
Happy Thanksgiving (:



Anyone interested in filling the vacancy of the 2nd Ombuds position next
semester, contact either of us ASAP!  Nominations and elections will be
held Nov. 28th, at the last chapter.

Happy Thanksgiving! (the most underrated holiday)


We are working on planning a couple more events for everyone- they will be
happening after break! It will revolve around passing out notes with
positive quotes on them and a piece of candy! They will be to help students
de-stress in the next few weeks. Hours will be up for donations for candy,
printing positive quotes, assembling the cute little goodies, and tabling.
They will be free of charge! We will have the dates confirmed soon :~)

If you are still not seeing your service hours online- please email
nsec.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com we have all of your emails (it’s just been a
hectic weekend for us both) and they will be posted soon.

THANK YOU ALL for a wonderful service week- I’m donating the books over
break and couldn’t be more excited! Have a happy turkey break!


Next week we will have nominations for Ombudsman and elections for Service,
NSEC, Council, and Ombudsman. Please try to make it so that we meet quorum
and can elect these vacant positions :)

Happy Thanksgiving Bros!

Membership/Pledge Ed: initiation is December 2nd!! Pledges congrats on
making it this far, history night was a success!! If you owe han money for
GKTW final payment is due Nov. 27 no exceptions unless you've talked to me
about something!!

Faculty Pageant:

Please be sure to ask your professors to join in the faculty pageant. :) We
have a google doc on the facebook page, where we would like to add
professors who have been asked. Email us at
facultypageant.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com


To our committee - don’t worry about your hours, however please try to find
one faculty member to ask!

We appreciate you!

Charity Chairs:

Thank you SOOO much to everyone who helped with and came to our first ever
charity ball!!! We really hoped you guys enjoyed it!  Our guests from the
Packard Center are so thankful for everything you’ve been doing and just
wanted us to relay their massive thanks to you guys and also let you know
that if anyone is interested in learning more about what the Packard Center
does or potentially making a connection to continue working with them, we
have their cards to hand out!

After the ice bucket challenge event, we’ve raised…


That’s so amazing and has really exceeded any expectations we had going
into this so thank you guys so much for all of your hard work!!

With that being said, we’d just like to remind everyone that the
fundraising page is STILL OPEN!! Just because Charity Ball is over doesn’t
mean we should stop fundraising for this incredible cause! So when you all
go home for the holidays and tell your families about how fun the charity
ball was, don’t forget to mention to them that they can still donate to the
page ;) lets try to hit $4000 by the new year!! YOU GUYS ROCK THANK YOU FOR

-also tshirts will be available next chapter so if you want them come and
get em!


Have paper chapter in by noon on Tuesday please!

If your chapter hours on the website is not correct by 2pm Tuesday let me
know asap so I can fix it.

Have a happy thanksgiving :)


Chapter Mins:

When is paper chapter due?

How much did we raise from Charity Ball?

When is initiation?

*Communications Chair*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

Kenzie Kistler
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