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Fri Mar 11 13:37:58 EST 2016

Hi fam!

Relay for life is 1 week away!! YAaAaAaaAy! With that being said, we wanted
to give a lot of you a heads up about registration.  You MUST be registered
on the relay for life website in order to participate in the event.  Right
now there are about 95 of you signed up on the website and only 33
registered on the relay website. NOT GOOD. But that's okay because you
still have a few days to register until we remove you from the sign ups.
SOoOooo...please go to this website and register for the Alpha Phi Omega


If that link doesn't work for you, go to the main page and search 45701
under find an event.  The click on the Ohio University event --> Sign up
--> Create an account (if you don't already have one) --> Join a team
(Alpha Phi Omega, duh).  After you do that, it will take you to start your
fundraising page.  To participate in the event, you MUST pay $10.  We
suggest paying online if you can so you don't have to worry about bringing
$10 the day of the event but you can do either option.  If anyone is having
issues signing up or finding the event, we'll stay after chapter for a
little bit to help you guys out or you can call me beep me if ya wanna
reach me.

Here is the list of people who ARE registered on the website so if you're
NOT ON THIS LIST and you tryna participate in relay go register NOW:
- Thomas Ball
- Madison Campbell
- Rebecca Cherry
- Hannah Christman
- Kayla Cook
- Alayna Dill
- Anne Dillman
- Emily Flint
- Nick Fowkes
- Molly Galvin
- Anna Gillen
- Chase Haeuptle
- Alexandria Keller
- Eyunji Kim
- Matt Kowalski
- Hannah Longauer
- Tracy Lyons
- Dalton Malone
- Macy Merle
- Abby Miller
- Olivia Muskin
- Joseph Nelson
- Kellie O'Keefe
- Kaitlyn Olstein
- Dianna Petty
- Madeleine Rapp
- Zack Richardson
- Kelsie Rinard
- Audrey Rizzo
- Casey Toy
- Jamie Winterbotham

If you're not registered after sunday we will remove you from the sign ups.
Sorry friends. (also sorry for this long email).

There are also a few more events for working our photo booth and donations
that are getting put up soon so keep an eye out for those!

If you have any questions/comments/concerns hit us up.

Thanks! :) Have a great weekend!

*Sammy Bullock*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair

*Jake Metersky*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
Charity Chair
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