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Hello everyone,

Tomorrow is the big day and I just have a few things to go over with you
guys before then!

As I have announced at Chapter, we will be doing a modified speed-dating
this semester. Instead of sitting down and having the pledges rotate
around, we are going to split you up by families and have the pledges
rotate around to you.

I will have my committee members ready to direct you (they will be on the
outskirts of the room) and will split you up into groups of 7-10 people. I
will announce which family goes to which committee member, so there
shouldn't be any confusion. The pledges will rotate around and talk to each
family for 5 minutes about leadership, friendship and service. This is more
of a combination of past formal and informal set-ups. We will be doing the
same thing for Formal Rush.

This means that the pledges are going to be looking to you all to answer
their questions (or talk to them about leadership, friendship and service
stories if they are too nervous to ask questions). Meeting our active
members is extremely important for a pledge (especially when they don't
know anyone in Aphio already) and giving them a great impression is key. We
have done an amazing job in past semesters with meeting pledges, but I want
to share with you all a few tips that I learned at Regionals.

Please refrain from telling inside jokes, cussing or using excessive
sarcasm when talking to new pledges. We don't want them to feel that we are
cliquey (because we're not) and we really don't want them to feel
uncomfortable. Please only discuss relevant topics (Aphio, service events,
your favorite fellowship, family events you enjoy, leadership
opportunities, etc.) and engage them (names, majors, what would they like
to know about Aphio, etc.) Remember that most of these pledges are going to
be intimidated by the amount of people in our chapter and might be a little
shy, so guide the conversation and get them to talk.

Also, remember to be positive and excited! :) These people are our new
potential members and that is exciting!

You guys set the tone and so far, it's been awesome, so let's continue
that! See you all tomorrow!


Rebecca Cherry
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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