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Hey bros!

                First, we just wanted to tell you a little bit about us and
our position since it is one of the new ones.  Our names are Sammy Bullock
and Jake Metersky (also known as the meatballs).  Our position is Charity
Chair so we are in charge of making and coordinating teams for Bobcathon
and Relay for Life as well as making a big charity event in the fall.  We
are always open to suggestions and want input from all of you guys whenever
you have it! With that being said, if anyone has any ideas for our big
event in the fall we’d love to hear it and work with you on it!

                Now that we’re getting into the semester we wanted to get
the word out to everyone about a few events, so here ya go!


Saturday February 13th in Baker Ballroom 12 pm-12am

12-hour dance marathon #FORTHEKIDS! All proceeds go to benefit Ronald
McDonald House.  This is a really awesome event that we will talk more
about at chapter tomorrow but since it’s coming up so soon be sure to sign
up ASAP if you’re interested!  You need to sign up on the APO website as
well as register to be a dancer and start fundraising here:

You will get a max of 6 service hours for this event if you sign up to be a
dancer.  They do need help with other volunteering throughout the day as
well.  They need 1 person per hour to volunteer to help with the doors and
3 volunteers per hour to help with the kids.  Basically you’d be watching
and playing with the kids that come in with their parents so if you like
babysitting and want to get some hours—there ya go!


Friday March 18th in Walter Fieldhouse 6pm-6am

Relay for Life is an overnight fundraising walk with a lot of fun
activities and food (holla). It’s a lot of fun especially when we have a
lot of bros there so please sign up for this event and help fundraise!  For
Relay, you need to sign up on the APO website as well as register on the
American Cancer Society website:
We already have a team registered so when you go to the website click join
a team and register with Alpha Phi Omega.  This website is where you can
send emails and share posts on social media to get the word out about
fundraising.  There’s also a ton of information and interesting videos
about Relay on this website so feel free to explore and learn more about
the cause.

Since this is also a 12-hour event, we will be giving you 1 service hour
for every shift you’re there but you can only get a max of 6.  If you’re
not sure if you want to stay the whole time, feel free to sign up on the
website for the times you know you’ll be there and if you can/want to stay
longer you can! It’s a really fun event and it’s for a great cause so we
want as many people to show up as possible.  Also, if you do both of these
events you’ll be just about done with your service hours so keep that in

If you guys have any questions or ideas about anything, please let us know!
Sorry for this ridiculously long email/novel but we wanted to get some of
the info out before chapter!  Hope everyone is having a wonderful long
weekend and can’t wait to see your smiling faces at chapter tomorrow!!

Peace n blessings,

Sammy Bullock & Jack Metersky

                              (^oops sorry it’s Jake)

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