[Aphio-L] Ombudsmen Election

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Thu Oct 22 00:10:31 EDT 2015

This Sunday at chapter before we hold elections we are going to ask for your opinion on the possibility of having two females on the ombudsmen position. 

We are bringing this up now because we finally have a male nominated to the position whereas before last Sunday we didn't have a choice and we want to be proactive. In the past when we have the ombudsmen election males and females run separately. We have no formal documents to support this but the chapter has tried to have one male and one female hold the position that way there could be someone of each gender available to go to with an issue. The other benefits of having one of each is it also helps bring a balance to the position and executive board by bringing different perspectives. 

The reason why we want to have this discussion is because of the vast numbers of females in the chapter compared to the small number of males, and we don't want to come to a point later down the road where we don't have a male who is willing to run and then be in a situation where we can't fill the position like we almost had this fall.

Please think about this during the remainder of the week. If you have any concerns before chapter Sunday feel free to email them to us or the ombudsmen and they can pass the concern onto us. This discussion is simply to lay the framework for moving forward. If we find little to no resistance about having two females on the position then we will allow for a joint election this fall.


Kevin & Mitch

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