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Because we had a tie for the presidential election we have changed the election schedule that way we will only vote on president this coming Sunday. At the bottom of the email you will find the updated election schedule. We have made a few changes to the normal election process for this coming Sunday. 

1) We ask that you think of meaningful and insightful relevant questions for both presidential candidates and email them to us by 5pm this Friday (10/9/15). The subject line for all questions submitted must be "Questions for President" in order to be submitted. Any question not emailed to us by Friday at 5pm will not be asked. We will read through all of the questions and choose the most relevant questions for Sunday. The VP of Leadership, J Board, and the President will be the only ones asking the questions on Sunday. 

2) The way the day of elections will be run is that both candidates will have 2 minutes to explain why they believe that they are the right person for the position. 

3) After each has had the time to talk we will then bring them in one at a time to answer the questions. Each candidate will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to answer each question. 

4) Once all of the questions have been answered we will then have a comment period open to the chapter to discuss both candidates in relations to each other on the position. Comments will be about why you believe person X should be voted for instead of person Y and these have to be relevant to the elections. We will not accept comments that are irrelevant. For example, we need to have more constructive comments on how they can run or improve the position instead of personal connections and feelings towards either person. 

If you have any questions about the new process for Sunday please let us know. 

Updated Schedule

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10
National Service Event 

Week 11
Charity Chairs


Kevin & Mitch

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