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Tue Jan 20 10:31:10 EST 2015

Hey Bros!

Reminder that we have lots of events up on the website for Faculty Pageant
Hours. You can get a total of 4 rollover hours (From FP and RFL), and we
have plenty of Hours to go around, so if you want to you can sign up for
more than 2 FP hours.

Remember we have t-shirts up on the site and all money is DUE on February
8th, we will begin collecting that next Sunday at Chapter, and one of our
committee members will be collecting it. All your money MUST be in an
envelope or baggie with your name on it. We wont be accepting loose cash.

We will need all hands on deck for the Breakfast for Dinner, and not many
people have signed up to donate :) So go do that, I will love each and
every one of you forever.

Also if you already know that you cannot make it to the actual pageant on
February 25th at 7pm, you need to contact us now and let us know why you
cannot make it. Please request off of work now for the event. If you have
class that is an acceptable reason not to make it. Otherwise the event is

Sarah Bell
Faculty Pageant Co-Chairs
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity
Delta Gamma Chapter

Sarah Bell

Tara Nolan
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