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Tue Mar 18 12:05:56 EDT 2014

Hey guys!

So we've been getting some questions about the Bracket Challenge and we
just wanted to clarify a few things. You need to sign up on the Aphio
website AND on the ESPN website. You will not get the hour if you only sign
up for one of them.
To turn in money, you can turn it into me (Erin) at work tomorrow from
8:30-2. I work at West 82 at the verde (mexican) station. You can also turn
it into Jillian at the big/little event tomorrow night.
More people should sign up because you could potentially win some $$$$ and
who doesn't want extra cash during this fine spring semester :)

group name: aphio.deltagamma;

Sorry for the long email
Enjoy your Tuesday!
*VP of Fundraising *
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Jillian Barcia *
jb586011 at ohio.edu

*VP of Fundraising*
Alpha Phi Omega-Delta Gamma
-*Erin Thalheimer*
et713710 at ohio.edu
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