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Hello all,

The moment that (most of) you have been waiting for has arrived: Athens
Beautification Day 2014 is now up on the website!:

Make sure you sign up on the eventbrite website (link is provided in the
description) that is provided. Without this, you will not be allowed to
attend the event as a part of the APhiO team.

As anyone who has been to this event before will tell you, it is one of the
most fun and rewarding events we do as a chapter. Personally, I cannot
recommend enough that if you can attend this event- do so.

I am going to request that we are given the Dairy Barn project again this
year. This way we will not have to arrange rides to drive anywhere (it's
tradition that we simply walk there as one giant group instead!) and can
have our entire group working at one project.

Please note that this years event will be longer than in previous years.
Although I understand that this is a significant time commitment, I ask
that if you plan on attending this event- make sure you clear your calendar
and please plan on being there for the entire event. If you don't and
decide to leave early- you will not get any hours for this event.

However I also understand that some people may need hours but cannot stay
the whole time. If you are one of these people and you have a legitimate
excuse to leave early (aka: you have a work shift which you can't ask off
or you have a meeting which you absolutely have to attend or you will be
reprimanded) talk to us and we will make sure you won't be penalized.



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