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Hey bros,

Here's the current list of people we have who have contacted Jboard about
wanting to go associate/early alum. This list IS NOT final, nor is it a
list of approved members. Kevin and I will be going over each person to
make sure they are in good standing with the chapter over the next two
weeks and we will let you all know then. If you don't see your name here,
or you think this is a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible!

Ali Cupelli                        Early Alum
Allison Keller                   Associate
Amanda Breedlove           Associate
Annica Strickmaker         Early Alum
Ashley Mullins                Early Alum
Brianna Washington        Early Alum
Bridget Vandenhaute       Early Alum
Brittney Mcdonagh          Early Alum
Catherine Fleming           Associate
Christine Thiery               Associate
Dom Armelie                  Early Alum
Dominicue DiPietro          Associate
Hayley McCandless          Associate
Jackie Scott                    Early Alum
Kayleigh Bednarski         Associate
Kelly Mayer                    Associate
Kerry Crump                   Associate
Krista Palmisano            Associate
Kristen Penkrot              Early Alum
Lindsey Lykins               Early Alum
Madison Gliem               Associate
Maggie Lawlor                Early Alum
Matt Mensch                  Early Alum
McKenzie Hood              Early Alum
Morgan Messenheimer    Early Alum
Morgan Mitchell              Associate
Morgan Sommers           Associate
Rachael Colby                Early Alum
Rachel Niese                 Study Abroad
Rachel Rutherford           Associate
Sarah Norman                Early Alum
Stacy Boesch                Early Alum
Taylor Carney                 Early Alum
Toya Burns                    Early Alum
Victoria Turk                   Early Alum

Thanks, see you all soon!
*Judiciary Board*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

*Kevin Feinberg*

*Samantha Rommel*
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