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1) When is Activation?
2) When is the spaghetti dinner for faculty pageant?
3) What is the name of the new family?
4) What day should you wear your letters?


-Office Hours Wednesday 3-4:30 at West 82

-EXEC meeting Monday 8:45 in Grover W123

-Special Guests tonight- Jackson for Bare on the Bricks: 10-12 check in, 12
the run will begin, strip down and run a little less than a mile to pigskin
where there will be an after party until 2

- Matthew from Green Fever: shirts are $15 and you get a coupon book with
it, will be back next week to collect money


-Finacial Aid Forms are due tonight at midnight!

-When you email to the anonymous account, leave an email so we can email
you back

-Question of the week: Any specific thing you would like to see at the
faculty pageant?

-Theme for next week is... pink or red out!


-If you haven't turned in your grades yet, you should really think about

-Be on the lookout for probation notices

-Shout out to Kevin Feinberg for donating bone marrow this weekend!


-Tonight is the LAST DAY! Pay me $50 for dues

- come talk to me TONIGHT about a payment plan

-Dues are $55 next chapter


-Weeklies are up!

-Bare on the Bricks- February 22nd team fees- if you have already paid
email us and you will get refunded, but each person that is signed up will
pay a portion of the $100 fee

-Good Works Walk- February 22nd

-Swab-a-thon -February 24th, if you haven't been trained yet attend the
taining event on the 23rd you will get 1/2 a service hour for it

-Give us your Valentine Project shipping receipts!

-Reminders: please include a receipt when you sign in for donation events
otherwise we have no way of knowing what you donated, also follow event
instructions they are there for a reason


-Bid Day was today! 69 pledges

-Activation is Thursday at 7 in walter 135, business professional!

-Snacktives is on Tuesday in Walter 235 at 7pm, Come find a little!

-Plan is to have littles matched Tuesday Night so watch your email

-Give us big applications


-New Family: Omicron (Zeta & Sigma)

-Family Events

-Snactives 2/11

-Slice Night 2/12

-Dodgeball Tournament 2/22


-Send me photos from polar plunge, snacktives, activation, weeklies

Faculty Pageant

-Feb 25th at 7 in Baker Ballroom

-You need 2 mandatory hours, one has to be at the pageant

-spaghetti dinner on Feb 20th time will be decided soon, donations for this
as well

-letter writing

-Flyering, and MUCH MORE!

-Find us after chapter to give us your tshirt money-$10, if you forget it
please bring it next chapter

-Are you in a student org which has a lot of members that are planning to
attend? Find us after chapter, we will talk to you about getting tickets
from us that you can sell to them at pre-sale prices!

-We have tickets now so come buy them for $4!!

-BIG NEWS- Jenny Hall Jones and VP Lombardi will be in the pageant, with 11
other members confirmed


-Tabling- count the money and do not be on phones

-Bumper stickers- Proud Mom

-If you are the first or last shift this week during V-Day sales, text

-Give candy to Jillian

Youth Service

-Pop tabs and box tops to Chelsea

-Library helpers are back on the website so feel free to sign up

- Will be adding Granada street kids sales back up soon! (bracelets and

-Turn in sign-ins for calliope so I can add your hours to the website


-It's time to vote for our 5k charity! We want everyone to be passionate
and pumped, so please pick your favorite charity

- 1st choice- Good Works: Good Works is a local, Athens based charity
dedicated to helping the people of appalachia.

     -Provides shelter for homeless people in appalachia through Timothy
House and Hannah HouseAnnually helps over 500 seniors and disabled people
through Neighbors Helping Neighbors and Senior

     -FriendsProvides food and support to people trying to get back on
their feet

     -80% of funds come from donations

- 2nd choice- Friends of the Shelter Dogs :"The mission of FOSD is to
eliminate the number of adoptable dogs that are euthanized due to space
limitations at the Athens County Dog Shelter through rescue operations and
through programs that improve the welfare and future of the abandoned or
lost dogs of Athens County."

     -Donate vaccines and pay for medical expenses for dogs at the Athens
County Dog Shelter

     -Arrange temporary foster homes for dogs in need

     -Currently developing a spay/neuter program

     -Work to lower the euthanasia rates in shelters

-3rd choice- Live Healthy Appalachiaproving the health and wellbeing of
Appalachian region through education, outreach, and advocacy emphasizing
nutrition and other lifestyle choices."

     -Sponsor various local programs to encourage healthy lifestyle
including Walk With A Doc, Complete Health Improvement Program, and my
first 5K training (very fitting)

     -Offer education to children on healthy living

-THANKS FOR VOTING!- will let you know which had the most votes soon


-Come buy a bracelet for $1

-sign up on the relay website

-Get your family and friends to donate, 5 emails=1 hour, if you raise $100
we will put your name on the back of the shirt! (ex. The Gardner Family)

-At relay hours, please sign up for only 1, if you stay longer you will
still be those hours but don't sign up for more than one on the website

-Shirts! We will post a survey and please vote for your favorite relay
shirt, we will also have a survey for Mom's weekend shirts. Send in your
designs tonight if you want a chance!, need to sign up by the 18th for

-If any guys want to be a part of chipndales talk to us!

Service Week

-Committee: please complete the email hours by 2/18! The link has been


-Website event on Feb 15 if you are interested in going, go sign up!


-Wear letters Wednesday!


-Happy Birthday this week to: Keily Balduff Feb 12, Jackie Scott Feb 13,
Jessica Pettis Feb 14

Extra Info: How to do letter writing-

-Take 5 envelopes & 5 letters

-Write an address & put a stamp on each envelope

-Use YOUR address as the return address

-Write a personal note on the letter ABOVE the line that can be cut

ex: "Dear Aunt Kim, Please consider donating to my service fraternity's
Faculty Pageant. Camp Quality is amazing because YADA YADA YADA and APhiO
is the best ever. xoxox Your favorite niece

-Find the sign in, cross off your name & turn in *sealed* envelopes


Heather Davidson
Secretary- Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity- Delta Gamma Chapter
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


^Map around campus
*5k:* 5k.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*Faculty Pageant: **facultypageant.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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*Service:* service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
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