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Vincent, Victoria vv246109 at ohio.edu
Fri Feb 7 09:04:28 EST 2014

Hello Brothas!

Good Morning and Happy friday! Just to let you know the spirit jerseys came in last Friday! With the weather and no chapter this past Sunday I have not had a chance to set up pick up times. So today I will be in baker from 1:00-4:00 pm. If you want to pick up your spirit jersey at that time, please email me back beforehand. They only sent one box and it weights about 70 lbs so I am not going to bring the whole box, only the people I hear back from. Other than that, I will also be home tonight from 5-7, you can come by my house (35 B East Carpenter St) and pick up your spirit jersey. Please give me heads up text if you are coming (614-634-1115).

Lastly if you don't mind waiting till Sunday, I will be at chapter early this Sunday (February 9) from 8:30-9 pm. I will bring the whole box then so you do not need to email me ahead of time if you intend on getting it at chapter. I will also bring them to Chapter two weeks from now (February 23).

If you cannot for some reason make it to any of those times, please email me and we can come up with another time together for you to pick your spirit jersey up.

Thanks for your patience with the ordering and what not!



Victoria Vincent

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University Program Council

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Exercise Physiology '14
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