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Relay for Life - Alpha Phi Omega Delta Gamma relay4life.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Thu Feb 6 15:37:21 EST 2014

Hey guys, first off everyone should go sign up online for relay! Go to
relayforlife.org/ou then sign up and sign up for our team (Alpha Phi
Omega), you can choose to donate $10 or choose pay later which you never
actually have to pay but every donation makes a difference.

Relay for Life is a mandatory event this semester meaning you have to get 2
hours from it. One must be at Relay March 21-22, you can get both at the
event or one before, we also have a lot of hours on Mom's Weekend (Mom's
love seeing their kids volunteer so bring your mom!). If you cannot make it
to relay please email us and we will work with you to get your hours.

One super easy way to get hours is by helping us fundraise! This is just
like lettering for other events but way easier! If you send 5 emails to
family/friends to donate to relay you will get an hour. I have attached a
sponsorship letter you can use or you can write your own but please make
sure it includes the instructions to donate online as well as the address
to send checks to. To get this hour you must send at least 5 emails (aim
for 10, we all know 10 people) to family and friends then screen shot it
and send it the picture to us.

Please encourage your family to donate $100 and you will get your families
name on the back of our shirts! You must sign up on the relay website
before you do this hour, once you are signed up on the relay website you
can also send an email directly from there, there will be a button on your
home page.

Encourage friends and family to donate cause we want a world with more
birthdays!!!! Have a good week!

Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
Relay for Life Co-Chairs

Carolyn Gardner
cg179509 at ohio.edu

Sarah Kollin
sk771611 at ohio.edu

Drew Sanders
drewsefs13 at aol.com
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