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Hey bros,

Here is all the stuff for this week's paper chapter! Please take some time
to look through it,* answer the 5 questions below* and *send them to the
jboard account*! You should be able to just hit reply, but if you're
worried it won't get through, email the jboard account at
jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com. Remember, this is how you'll be getting
your chapter hour for the week. Don't forget, and have a great Superbowl
Sunday (or just a regular ol' Sunday if you're not into football...)!

Chapter 2/2/14


-Office hours: Monday 3-4:30 in west 82 or by the interview rooms. Text me
if you are coming J 419--235-0380

-Exec meeting this week is on Wednesday 7:30-8:30 in Grover W135


-Finanical Aid Forms are due Febrarry 9th at MIDNIGHT

-Question of the week: How do you think rush went?

-Remember the theme for next week is Pajamas!


-You have one more week to send in your grades before we deactivate you, if
you have an acedemic hold let us know and we will work with you

-Office hours Monday;s from 12:30-1:30 at Front Room

-I am a match and have been medically cleared to donate on 2/10/14. I have
a ride to the airport but need a ride home from the Columbus Airport on
2/11/14. I am scheduled to land around 5pm. If you can drive me back to
Athens please text me at (740)816-5072.You will be reimbursed $43.45 for
driving me. I don't have cash and can't use my debit card because my
parents don't know about this, because my mom is currently in chemo trying
to beat Ovarian Cancer and I don't want to increase her stress. The Gift of
Life will send me a check to give to the driver. -Kevin Feinberg


-Next week's chapter (2/9/14) is the last chapter that dues are $50

-after that chapter dues go up $5 each week

-If you need to be on a payment plan you MUST see/contact me before this


-The Valentine Project- sign up and send out gift by the 4th (save receipts)

-Hats for Heads Yarn Donations- we need yarn! $10= 1 hour (save receipts)

-Valentines Day Dance with ATCO- Feb 8th, includes set up, clean up and

-Good Works Walk- Feb 22nd

-Bare on the Bricks- Feb 22nd

- Swab-a-thon Feb 24th- get there early if you have never been trained


-Thanks for everyones help and support during PR and Rush Weeks

-We have around 70 interviews scheduled

-If you have big applications give them to us this week, they can be
dropped off Mon/Tues in Baker 512 or Wed/Thurs in Baker 237 from 3-7:30ish

-Sign up for the Rush Fellowships!

-If any one has any board games they would be willing to let us use for
Game Night let us know, we promise to get them back to you right after

-Dates to remember:

    Bid Day- February 9th (Big Applications Due) 6:00 pm Walter 145

    Activation- February 13th 7:00 pm Walter 135


-Black Sheep Improv 2/7- Sib's Weekend

-Hockey Game 2/8 (Sib's Weekend)

-Slice night

-Make sure to sign up for Rush Events- Game Night 2/7 and Snacktivies 2/11


-Send me pictures...all the pictures...now

Faculty Pageant

-Don't worry about the lack of hours on the website, we will be adding more
soon including: attending the spaghetti dinner at UMC on 2/20 from 5:30-7:30,
donations for the spaghetti dinner, attending the Insomnia Cookie
Fundraiser 3/10

-You can get an hour by purchasing a faculty pageant tshirt, they will be
$10. You have to sign up on the web site by this friday at 5pm!

-We have exciting news about participants... but you will have to wait to
find out until chapter next week

- If you are signed up for letter writing tonight OR were signed up for
letter writing for the last week but forgot your stamps/did not come, we
will do letter writing after chapter next week


-Tanks/koozie sales this week

-Sign up for Valentine's Day treat donations and tabling

-REMINDER: when tabling please don't be on phones and please count money
carefully and write down every transaction

- if you signed up to donate stamps, don't forget to come to chapter early
next week

- there will be more hours soon to donate stamps


-Give us your charity suggestions!

-We will be voting on the 5k charity NEXT WEEK!

-The link is on the facebook group and we will also email it to all of you

-Please remember to go to the Good Works walk- if you can not attend
because of Bare on the Bricks, consider donating


-Sectionals will be held on March 21st at UD

- It will cost $35 + $5 for the t shirt

-Registration needs to be done by Feb 28th

-Bro housing is an option along with clocked off hotel rooms

-There is an event on the website for people interested, it is set for Feb

- UD's twitter- @apoblockparty

- The Facebook intrest page is:

Extra Info


Contact Carly Damman if you are interested!           cd737909 at ohio.edu

in family Iota is looking to gather a leadership team for a new student
organization on campus, BobcaThon. It's basically a year-long fundraiser
that will start next Fall and end with a 24-hour dance marathon in February
or March. You might have heard of Ohio State's, BuckeyeThon. It will follow
a similar structure to that event. All money raised will benefit the Ronald
McDonald House in Columbus. If you're at all interested in being a part of
the project email Carly ASAP at cd737909 at ohio.edu

Below are the positions that need to be filled

Vice President

·         Works closely alongside the President

·         Directs and plans weekly leadership meetings

·         Keeps the organization running smoothly

·         Able to commit a significant amount of time to the role

·         Dedicated and passionate

Director of Finance (treasurer)

·         In charge of managing budget for the event

·         Works directly with Ronald McDonald House to manage financial

·         Must be good with numbers and be very organized

·         Has complete control over SAC and uFund funding

Director of Public Relations

·         Runs all social media channels for BobcaThon

·         Inform media of all events going on

·         Good multi-tasker and writer

Director of Fundraising

·         Plays a crucial role in the success of BobcaThon

·         Manages online fundraising pages

·         Keeps track of fundraising goals

·         Plays a key role in implementing all fundraising initiatives

Director of Membership

·         Manages all incoming committee members

·         Recruits for new members

·         Handles election/application process

Director of Dancer Relations

·         Handles the registration process

·         Keeps dancers and teams focused on fundraising goals

·         Maintains master list of all participants involved

Director of Events

·         In charge of setting up and organizing all events leading up to
the dance marathon

·         Organizes logistics and works closely with committee to execute

·         Experience in event planning is preferred

Director of Dance Marathon

·         Focuses solely on the 24-hour dance event

·         Helps with planning, budgeting, food, space reservations,
registration, etc.

Director of Marketing

·         In charge of designing all marketing items for the organization

·         Responsible for implementation of marketing strategies and
advertising on campus

·         Needs to know Adobe Creative Suite

-Happy Birthday this week to: No one because there are no birthdays this

- There will be no minute quiz this week, but make sure to play next week!

*5 questions that must be answered, send your response
to jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com <jboard.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com>*

*1) How much longer do you have to turn grades in?*

*2) When will dues go up?*

*3) When must you be sign up on the website by in order to get a faculty
pageant tshirt? *

*4)What is one thing you should do when tabling?*
*5)When is sectionals? *
Heather Davidson
Secretary- Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity- Delta Gamma Chapter
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>

*Judiciary Board*
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter

*Kevin Feinberg*

*Samantha Rommel*
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