[Aphio-L] Athens Beautification Day: Final Instructions

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Hello everyone,

Hope you are all having/had a good day today, because tomorrow is going to
be even better: It's Athens Beautification Day!

Listed below is a few final instructions/last minute tips for you guys to
review. Your leaders for this project will be Caleb Howell, Stephanie
Snyder and of course: Larissa Bradford. These guys will be in charge so
contact/find them on the day of if you have questions! Unfortunately, I
cannot be with you guys because I have to run a different project.

However, we will be at the Dairy Barn again this year- so all of you (even
those of you who were wait-listed) will be able to be at one project
together. If anyone asks, just say you are with AphiO.

If you have already contacted us about leaving early (and if you haven't
and need to, you have until midnight to contact *all three* project leaders
with a valid excuse) make sure you check out with one of the project
leaders before you go. Again, unless it is a medical emergency, only those
people have permission to leave early/come late.

It's also okay to drive to the Dairy Barn if you are leaving early/coming
late. However,* if this does not apply to you- do not drive to the project*.
We are a massive group and the Dairy Barn does not have enough parking
spaces for all of us to drive there and coordinating rides/everyone getting
there is an unnecessary hassle. Plus, the walk is not that far anyways and
it's something we do every year.

Once again, have fun today and get excited for tomorrow!



*Vice Presidents of ServiceAlpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*

* Robert Burke         Larissa Bradford937.239.3104


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