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Chapter Minutes 10/20/13

Minutes Quiz!

1. When are nominations?

2. When is Thanksgiving dinner?

3. What Service week events are you planning on doing?


   - Office Hours: 2-4 West 82
   - Execs meet after chapter
   - Other organizations cannot attend our events other than major events
   like 5k, faculty pageant ect they can come to those things but not things
   like hats for heads


   - Are you thinking about running for an exec position? What concerns do
   you have about a certain position of just in general?
   - Next weeks theme is Halloween!


   - Nominations will be next week!
   - Elections in 3 weeks
   - Keep thinking about running for an exec position!
   - Talk to current execs about their positions i.e. time commitment, and
   expectations, ect.


   - Weeklies are up!
   - NPHC Date Auction this Tuesday!
   - Honey for the Heart- help Athens community make puppets for Halloween
   parade on Oct 26
   - WOUB Pledge Drive- Make calls to get people to pledge money to WOUB,
   email them before you volunteer (name, time and day) and you get free food!
   - New Petsmart Cat care day! Sunday afternoon
   - New Kennedy Gallery policy- contact them before you volunteer


   - Thanksgiving Dinner! Tuesday Nov 19th, 6-8:30 UMC let us know if we
   can use your house/apartment for turkey cooking that day and/or if you know
   how to cook a turkey
   - Stay for signatures after chapter please!
   - Sign up for your family events so pledge in your family can meet you
   and get signatures
   - Don’t tell the pledges about history night


   - New weekly! GymBros M/W/F 4pm
   - Date change: Mexican Fiesta is now Dec 5th
   - After chapter walking dead
   - 10/23 Slice Night
   - 10/23 Halloweentown
   - 10/24 & 10/25 Rocky Horror Picture Show
   - 10/27 Its The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
   - 10/30 Hocus Pocus
   - Homecoming sweatshirt- please pick yours up
   - If you haven’t picked up any swag that you bought (crest sweatshirt,
   color wars shirt ect) please let me know
   - Spirit Jerseys- should have price this week and will email you the
   price so plan to pay at the next chapter


   - Send pics!
   - Check out the flickr page for new pictures

Faculty Pageant

   - “Cancer Drools” shirts $4 BUY ONE


   - Hours will be up by tonight!
   - Turn in your receipts (chipotle and insomnia)
   - Look out for a car wash Dad’s weekend
   - Let them know if you are having trouble getting hours

Youth Service

   - Pop tabs/box tops as normal
   - Turn in sign ins
   - Reminder if an event is full don’t go unless you move up from the
   waitlist into the actual event
   - Remember put your name and the number of pop tabs/box tops you have


   - Penny Wars! Winner gets to eat first at Thanksgiving dinner!
   - November 5th Chipotle Fundraiser

Service Week

   - New events are up on the site!
   - FuckRapeCulture Presentation
   - SafeZone 101 (must register 24 hours ahead)
   - Letter writing (will be given to you at your senior send off)
   - Vegan Cooking
   - Yoga/Stretch Classes
   - Beacon Days- Fitness, Craft, Swim, Carnival and Art
   - Fortune cookie pass outs!
   - Kick CF Nov 3rd- make a team, it benefits Cystic Fibrosis
   - More registration tables up soon
   - Dad’s Weekend Homerun Derby! Nov 9th Benefitting the Beacon School!
   - Rules: $7 for 15 pitches, each hit that passes the “homerun” will get
   points, there will be different levels of “Homerun” Fun and competitive
   - Bring your dads and families!
   - Must receive 2 mandatory SW hours, all the events are on the site
   under SW, you can receive 4 additional SW hours that can be counted towards
   your general service hours
   - If you are concerned you won’t get your hours contact them
   - SW shirt money do tonight! or find Cami tomorrow


- Talk to her if you are interested in going to regionals Nov 15-17


   - Happy Birthday to Victoria Vincent, Megan Thomas and Mallory Hart!

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