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Thu Mar 14 13:49:11 EDT 2013

Dear Chapter,

It has come to our attention that over this semester several brothers have
been adding their own service hours to the website. This practice will
cease immediately. We have complied and saved a list of those people  and
the hours that were added and all of them will be contacted after their
cases are judged individually. In light of this me and Allison would like
to remind everyone that in order to be awarded any sort of service hour, it
needs to be approved by the service chairs. I know I have been over how to
get outside hours plenty of times before, but I shall go over it again one
more time:

*You need to have written documentation of the amount of hours you did,
your name and what you did which needs to be signed by a volunteer
coordinator/project leader. That needs to be given to one of us and we will
award you those hours on the website. You cannot just go on the website and
give yourselves hours at will without giving us proof of what you did.  *

The reason we do this is that it ensures that people who do those hours are
doing legitimate service to the either the community, the fraternity or the
nation as par the principles of Alpha Phi Omega, principles everyone
reading this email swore to uphold when they earned their title as a
brother of AphiO. We also believe that this process is only fair to
brothers who do put in countless hours of hard work doing service both
inside and outside of AphiO. This is also how people log and track service
hours for things such as  job requirements, a requirement for an academic
scholarship or a university requirement (such as club sports) which is why
we adopted it. If you do believe this is a bad practice, please tell us!
because as always we genuinely want your feedback on things.

To the majority of you who are earning your hours: keep up the good work!
you guys are doing great and I'm very proud of the fact that I have
received nothing but excellent feedback from the people and organizations
you have worked with and I hope to see you guys at even more projects in
the future!


Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Robert Burke         Allison Barwacz
937.239.3104             440.212.8108


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