[Aphio-L] Anyone in Athens? Your bros need you!

Vincent, Victoria vv246109 at ohio.edu
Mon Dec 23 01:57:41 EST 2013

Hey bros!

I hope everyone is having a good break! I have a huge favor to ask of anyone in Athens. The van that we will be taking to Nola has to be picked up tomorrow or Tuesday because the University is closed until after the 1st which would be after we have left. I was going to look into to picking it up but unfortunately I have a family emergency right now and cannot leave home.

 Is there anyone still in Athens who would be willing to pick up our van and drop it off at my place either tomorrow or Tuesday? It wouldn't take you no more than 30 mins and you would really be helping our group out of a jam! You would just have to pick up the van from Transportation services! If not we really have no other way of getting our van which is no good. :(

Please let me know either via email, facebook message, or text (614634115) ASAP if you could do this for us!



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