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Mon Apr 22 00:56:35 EDT 2013

Hello brothass!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable last chapter of the year! Just a few
things to go over:

1. Picnic is your last fellowship opportunity (Unless you are attending a
family event) - Fellowship will not be offering anything else other than
the picnic so if you are short on hours, you must attend.

2. Picnic Donations - We are offering donation hours to help us get the
food for the picnic. Service is going to put up a sign up on the website.
But here is the list of what we need: Hamburger buns (9 packages) - 3
people (3 packs of 8 piece hamburger buns per person)
Hot dog buns (6 packages) - 2 people (3 packs of 8 piece hot dog buns per
Bags of chips (9 large bags) - 3 people (3 large bags of chips per person)
Desserts (Brownies, cookies, cakes, etc) - 3 people (Make enough to feed
30 people)
Side dishes (Macaroni salad, potato salad, baked beans, 7 layer dip,
buffalo chicken dip, etc) - 3 people (Make enough to feed 30-40 people)
Soda (6 2 liters) - 2 people (3 2liters per person)

3. Skyzone hours- Disregard anything on the website about Skyzone hours
right now. I tried to go in and fix it but I think I just messed it up more
(oops). Just know that if you attended you received 2 fellowship hours and
if you did NOT attend and signed up then you received -1 hours. We will try
to work out the website kinks with jboard.

4. SWAG (Sweatshirts and Tanks) Pick up - The oppurtunities to pick up swag
is at initiation and at the picnic. If you cannot for some reason come to
either of those, you NEED to email us and text Victoria to meet up to get
your stuff THIS WEEK. During finals, I will not be meeting people unless it
is at the end of the week. If you do not pick up your swag, it will be in
the storage unit till next fall.

5. Color Wars Tshirt / Tiedye - Unfortunately the color wars T-shirts are
still not here yet. They will definitely be in before the summer but I'm
not sure if this week or next week. If we still have time to have a
fellowship for to tiedye it, I will let everyone know when and where.

Hours will be up to date by Wednesday. If your hours are incorrect (expect
for skyzone) by then, email us.

Have a great last week of classes!

Thank you,


*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
Stephanie Snyder
*ss143310 at ohio.edu <am232009 at ohio.edu>*
*VP of Fellowship*
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