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Chapter Minutes 4/21/13


1. What team won color wars?

2. When is the fellowship picnic?


   - Come to office hours!


   - What things would you like to see happen within our chapter next
   school year?


   - Final Elections! Relay 3, Youth Service 1
   - Check the website to make sure you have your mandatory chapter/event
   hours-email is with concerns


   - Pay last installments of dues!
   - Get receipts to me asap!


   - Family Iota- When do you want your pizza party/what movie do you want
   to watch during it? (doesn’t need to be this semester)
   - Committee: If you do not have your hours we will be in touch


   - Tomorrow’s Monday Lunch: Need 2-3 extra people from 9-10, 10-11,
   11-12, 12-1!
   - Race for a Reason
   - ACDS Car Wash Fundraiser
   - Delta Zeta Turtle Tug (turn in your money for this to the DZ house
   ASAP if you haven’t already!)
   - Look out for summer events! (Dairy Barn, Good Earth Farm, Monday
   Lunch, ect.)
   - NSSLHA needs our help! Special Olympics this friday from 10:30-1:30pm
   at Alexander High School in Albany
   - Turn in sign ins ASAP! Find out who has it, make a new one if no one
   has it, if you make a new one make sure everyone signs it
   - Worried about hours? Contact us!


   - Initiation- Friday 4/26 Actives meet in Walter 135 by 7:15pm, dress
   up, bring a little present for your little if you want, room may change so
   look out for an email it will still be in Walter
   - Fall 2012 pledge class we have your service pins! Come see us after to
   get them!
   - If you’re interested in working on binders this summer let us know


   - Picnic 4/27!
   - Tie dying?
   - Food donations for picnic
   - Fellowship hour requirements, 3 hours, 1 with family, if you don’t get
   them you will be on probation and the hours will rollover to next semester
   so if you only have one this semester and are missing 2 next semester you
   will have to get 5
   - SWAG- Pick up after chapter, initiation, picnic
   - Color Wars winner!!! First place Team Green! Second Team Blue/Pink and
   Third is Team Turquoise!


   - Senior cords are finally in!
   - Pick up tonight after chapter or be on the lookout for pick-up dates
   this week. Also come get your senior send-off gifts too if you were not at
   - Remember send pics for fellowship and service activities to the
   historian account!

Faculty Pageant

- People doing camp quality the sign up on the website closes on the 22nd
(tomorrow) please try to apply by tomorrow


   - Missing sign ins: Fest tanks April 3, 5, 16, 18, Pledge buffalo dip
   donations april 4, Pledge buffalo dip sale april 5, Pledge PBJ donations
   april 11Get them to us asap, scan it and email if you need to!
   - Lots of you still need hours, check your hours and email us
   - If you still need hours buy merchandise

Youth Service

   - Thanks to everyone who did service this weekend! (give me sign ins)
   - Card making Thursday at 5
   - Wednesday is last day for pop tabs or box tops
   - Pizza for sale!
   - Week 1 GKTW meet me after chapter for 2 minutes


Service Week

   - Anyone in other organizations other than AphiO, email us if your group
   would be interested in working with us for service week project!
   - Side Note: everyone interested in stepping stones service trip please
   meet me after chapter. We have things to talk about if you still want to go

Inter Chapter

   - Shirts will be in Baker this week again! Give us money!
   - If your interchapter bar is not filled and it should be please talk to


   - Happy Birthday to Taylor Carney, Melissa Petro, Kristen Palmisno,
   Brittany McDonagh, Kelly Skully, Allison McDonaldm Alyssa Pasicznyk,
   Myranda Owca, Kristi Flesher, Christine Thiery, Alison Styka, Toya Burns,
   Adam Roser, Bonnie Fitzpatrick, Rachel Levine, Alex Kairys, Nick Beck, Leah
   Zellers, Jessica Baird, Diana Macdonald, Danielle Fultz, Lindsey Lykins,
   Kayleigh Bednarski, Kathryn Slotta, Jasmine Garcia, Veronica Sefchik, Dom
   Armelie, Janelle Williams, Allison Keller, Kayla Marks, Morgan Mitchell,
   Stephen Bell, Emily Haun, Contessa Yost, Caleb Baldduff, Kristen Penkrot,
   Kerry Rhoads, Mara Hasenstaub, Carolyn Gardner, Kacee Babinger, Kerry
   Crump, Robert Burke, Chelsea Rose, Caleb Howell and Cody Romani!

Have a fun and safe summer!!!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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