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Tue Apr 16 17:58:02 EDT 2013

Hello all,

We have been getting a lot of emails with questions about hours recently so
in order to help you guys out here are a few general rules of thumb:

- If you haven't received any hours from an event (aka the event is not
showing up on your record whatsoever) it means that we never got a sign in
from that event. We can't award any hours until we do, so please get in
contact with people who were at the event with you to make a new sign in or
find out who has the sign in. If you are having trouble contacting people
who you were at an event with contact us and we will work something out.

- If you are docked hours form an event it means we received a sign in that
didn't have your name on it! If you did in fact attend that event, please
contact us ASAP so we can get that fixed.

- If you are emailing us about mandatory service hours I'm afraid we can't
help you! contact the appropriate chairs (which for this semester would be
either facultypageant.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com or
relay4life.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com) with your concerns.

And as always: if you have any questions or concerns or are worried about
not being able to get your hours before the end of the semester, please
contact service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com for help, assistance and/or


Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Robert Burke         Allison Barwacz
937.239.3104             440.212.8108


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