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I have sad news. The Kidsfest orchestrator just told me that we have much
more volunteers than they need. Because of this, I have to cut off the
first two shifts at 8 people (the clean up is 4 people I think, but that
isn't overbooked. I want to start by giving people some time to unsign up
if they don't truely want to work the event. I will give until midnight
tomorrow (Thursday) for people to do this. After that.if you are the 9th
person or any person after that on the list, you will be bumped off of the
list and will not be working/get your hours. The people who will be working
will be a) signed up for the event and will b) get an email from me with
further instructions from the person in charge. I'm really sorry for this
guys! I know service has been working hard to make sure there are enough
opps for you all to get your hours and I hate to make it more difficult for


I (Kayleigh Bednarski) will not be at execs tonight. I have been to every
chapter and I think most of you have my signature but if you need me here
are plenty of times you can find me:

Tonight - At my apartment (40 1/2 North Court St. Apt B - above the Blue
Eagle which is next to Pigskin, down by BP) through the night working with
a group

Tomorrow - At my apartment from 4 through the night working with a group

Friday - Working at the café in the library from 3 to 7 p.m.

Email me with any questions/comments/concerns!


Kayleigh Bednarski

Youth Service Chair
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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