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Hello all,

It's currently 2:00am and I'm stuck in merry old Alden and procrastinating
hard on studying for my impending Chinese final... all in order to bring
you guys some awesome new service projects!

So that means we have a lot of new service opportunities coming up. Here
they are:

TAKE BACK THE NIGHT MARCH (This thursday at 7:30pm): Take Back the Night is
a nationwide movement working towards combating sexual assault and domestic
violence by raising awareness and supporting survivors. The OU Womens
Affairs Commission will be hosting a walk in support of this on Thursday
night from Scripps Amphitheatre. Please get there early as the walk will
LEAVE Scripps at 7:30pm. If you show up late you will miss the walk!

FARMERS MINI MARKET SET UP (This friday at 9:30am): Help vendors set up
stalls and unload their cars. The market will be held at Howard park, which
is directly opposite from college green

ATHENS NUIT BLANCH FESTIVAL (Saturday night- Sunday Morning): This event
isn't actually up on the website as of now as we are sorting out some last
minute details with the organizers. Nuit Blanch is an annual arts festival
held in Athens and they are looking for volunteers to help run the event.
They are also requiring volunteers to attend a training session so look out
for that as well

ATHENS BEAUTIFICATION DAY (April 13th): We have 122 brothers signed up for
this event which is great, but there is always room for more. Those of you
who did it last year can vouch for me when I say it was great fun and a
very rewarding experience. Don't forget to sign up via the eventbrite
website (link included in the sign up)

of 4 (and as with all events like this such as the turtle tug, backdrop's
volleyball tournament and the dodgeball tournament, you need a full team in
order to get your hours) and $40 dollars for the registration fee.
Breakfast and a t-shirt is provided for all team members and the prize for
the winners is $400 in cash. Make sure you sign up your team online though!
(link included in the event)

RACE FOR A REASON AND RUN ON THE RIDGES (April 27th and April 21st
respectively): Both of these events are 5ks which will be held in and
around Athens. AphiO will be running race for a reason to benefit the
Athens County Dog Shelter. Run on the ridges will be in benefit of the Joy
Boyd Memorial Scholarship Fund for first year physical therapy  students.

So there you have it, if you have any questions, comments or concerns-
please feel free to contact us at service.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com

Robert and Allison

Vice Presidents of Service
Alpha Phi Omega National Service Fraternity*
Robert Burke         Allison Barwacz
937.239.3104             440.212.8108


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