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Sun Sep 9 23:17:05 EDT 2012

Another email... sorry everyone!

*If you signed up for box tops and did not turn them in tonight, you'll
have to sign up again for the week that you actually will turn the tops in*.

I made a mistake in thinking I would be able to make one "box tops" event
for the semester and still be able to give people their hours as they turn
in their box tops. I will be making  a new "box tops" event each week and
giving people their hours on a weekly basis.

Also, if you give me box tops, make sure you sign up on the website too.
Also also, if it makes things easier for anyone, you can always drop box
tops in my mailbox at 40 1/2 North Court (real close to pigskin) (my name
is on the mailbox too). Be sure to put your name and the date somewhere
with your box tops.

You can get two hours from box tops, 10 for one hour. See you all at the
rush events this week!


Kayleigh Bednarski

Youth Service Co-Chair
Alpha Phi Omega
Delta Gamma Chapter
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