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Chapter Minutes 9/9/12


- Welcome!


   - Question of the week: How does everyone feel about “bring your parent
   to chapter” meeting on parents weekend?
   - Come to office hours! Tuesday at 6 in Baker 312
   - Financial aid form will be available tonight


   - If you’re going associate or early alum email j-board
   - Email in grades!
   - Bylaws stuff- Section D- Dues will be $50 per semester for Active
   membership in the fraternity, Section E- Dues will be $15 per per semester
   for Associate membership in the fraternity
   - Nominations for historian- We meed someone to step up and be the
   historian for this semester, its a great way to show you’re a leader!


   - Dues are $50 next week then will go up
   - If you need a payment plan see Jordin


   - Weeklies begin this week- ATCO Bowling begins this week! Wed 5-7 at
   the Rollerbowl $4, we still need 4 bowlers, current bowlers are Tori,
   Colleen, Mackenzie, Allison B, Andy S, Jordin S, Greg, Krystan K, Amanda B,
   Steph G, Kristen P, Nate
   - New Weekly: Wed, Fri, Sat 9-5 ReStore Habitat House- In the plains so
   you need a ride, you must also call them and let them know you are
   volunteering, the phone number is on the website
   - Paw Paw Festival- Friday, Saturday, Sunday, you should receive and
   email with your shift on thursday
   - Registering Voters- See Myranda Owca todays speaker, get 10 people
   registered and give the forms to her and get an hour
   - Friends of Shelter Dogs PawPaw Fest Set Up- Friday 12-4, set up for
   their Saturday event
   - Sunshine Run- Saturday 8am-11am, email Chris Schwirian so he can
   pre-register you, schwiria at ohio.edu
   - Brava 5K on Saturday in Marietta
   - Blood Drives coming soon
   - ABH Training- those who are interested in training should have gotten
   an emailm it might last a little over 2 hours so be prepared, you get
   service hours for training
   - Kennedy Gallery Guard- Still waiting to hear back from them
   - Friends of the Shelter Dogs PawPaw Fest Event- Saturday 6:00-8:00pm,
   dog sit, help with dog games such as arts and crafts and many more fun
   activities all involving dogs
   - Clothing Donations for Hurricane Victims- Clothing donations will be
   taken doen to the victims of the recent hurricane Isaac, a substantial
   donation (3-4 items) will count as a service hour, drop off at 8 Lash
   Street to Stephanie Born her phone number is 440-541-4578, last day to drop
   off is Sept 20
   - Service trip to UD! Sunday September 30 10am, The Daniel P. Arnold
   Memorial Scholarship 5K run/walk, $15 to register, free t-shirt if you
   register by September 21st
   - Puttsapolooza Golf Tournament- Sept 29 9:30am-2:30pm, proceeds benefit
   local people with disabilities through HAVAR Inc. & the conflict resolution
   work of Athens Area Mediation Service in Athens County
   - Habitat Cardboard City- Sept 29 6pm, this is an event to raise funds
   and awareness, teams and individuals build cardboard ‘homes’ and spend the
   night in them, Eric Horton is doing it so we have a team, 6 service hours
   and maybe a fellowship hour
   - Midwest Big Cat Care- New Service project! Tiger sanctuary in New
   Marshfield, OH, 120 acres, non-profit, needs landscaping help/fundraising
   help, currently owns 4 tigers, Grumpy, Louise, Dudley and Boomer, Sunday
   Sept 23 10am-1pm, moving pea gravel into a newly built tiger pen, its hard
   work! Dress in clothes that can get dirty and tennis shoes
   - GKTW Trip- Email the service account if you’re interested in going,
   its a good fun opportunity to meet people, this trip is Dec 29th night to
   Jan 6th in the morning, it cost about $200 dollars, Eric will start
   collecting money two chapters from now


- Important dates: Activation Friday sept 28 Big/Little Night thurs oct
4th, Thanksgiving Dinner thurs nov 15th, History night thurs nov 29th,
Initiation thurs dec 6, these are all mandatory except thanksgiving dinner

    - Rush Week Reminders!! Information meetings Monday (formal) and
      Tuesday (informal) at Mem Aud at 8:30, you must attend at least
one whether
      your getting a little or not!
   - Bigs! You need to attend 1 Rush info meeting, 1 Rush week activity and
   Bid Day
   - Rush Week Activites: Thursday Pot Luck Dinner 7pm, at Natalies Nugget
   House (2 Kern) the place might change, you can get service hours for making
   food or a fellowship hour for attending, Friday Scavenger Hunt 6pm meet at
   the creepy statue on College Green, fellowship hour for coming
   - Interview Committee Monday-Wednesday Sept 19-19 from 1-8pm, schedules
   will be coming out this week, let us know if you have any problems
   - WE LOVE YOU! To everyone that helped with tabling, marketing, ect.
   this past week, THANK YOU! We couldn’t have done all of this without you! I
   would kiss you all if it wasn’t considered weird....


   - Homecoming Sweatshirts- Design contest ends before chapter next
   Sunday, get your designs in via email, if you win you get a sweatshirt FOR
   FREE! Yes its for freeeee, sign up on the website, sign ups close Sept 23rd
   to order a sweatshirt, right now the sweatshirts will be $26 if 140 people
   order them they will be cheaper
   - Lancaster Picnic Sept 30th and Zoolights Nov 30th are up on the
   - Look out for a movies trip next week
   - Also, you can get a fellowship hour if you sign up for Cardboard City
   - Committee: Expect an email from us about times for committee meetings!
   Committee meetings will start week 4
   - Here is the list for family heads, if you can no longer be a family
   head please email us with a replacement. Jasmine Garcia, Diana MacDonald,
   Kiley Harkins, Nicole Yozwiak, Allie O’Neill, Myranda Owca, Kayla Marks,
   Leah Zellers, Jackie Scott, Sarah Norman, Rebecca Pennoyer, McKenzie Hood,
   Kristen Penkrot, Rachel Rutherfors, Danielle Fultz, Katja Slatinsek, Megan
   Peiffer, Claire Stegman, Jenn Barstow, Ashley Angelo, Lyndsey N, Mike
   Mulig, Amanda Breedlove, Colleen Hicks

Faculty Pageant

- Committee Meeting at 8:30 pm Sunday September 16th outside of the top of
morton 201


- 1st committee meeting will be tuesday at 9pm on the 4th floor of Baker in
Front Room, we cant wait to see you all!


   - Bake Sale thursday 11-4
   - Keychains
   - Only 1 of your hours can be from buying something

Youth Service

   - West Elementary Falloween October 20th its the saturday after
   - Santa tree- fundraising will happen through the month of November, 9
   children x $50 = $450


   - Committee Meeting 7pm Tuesday bottom of Baker
   - The date of the 5K is Saturday October 20th at 12pm
   - ADPi Male Beauty Pageant November 19th benefiting Ronal McDonald House
   looking for boysss, $3 Presale, $5 at the door

Service Week

- Committee please meet after chapter


   - Weekend Grilled Cheese! Wanna do it every weekend until nationals and
   wanna make it mobile!
   - Koozie Ideas, want to sell koozies on homecoming weekend... I use a
   koozie on all my pop!
   - Committee Meeting Thursday at 8 in Baker on the 5th floor


- Brother of the week is Tori Carras!


   - Happy Birthday to Rachael Colby and Tori Carras!


- Email Melissa Edhart about New Orelans trip!
Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
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