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Hopefully everyone is enjoying the nice long weekend, but it is now time to
send me your grades if you did not over the summer. I need everyone to send
me their grades if they have not done already. If you are unsure if you
have or not, just send them again. We want your CUMULATIVE GPA and you will
have until the *4th* chapter to get your grades in or else you will be

Steps for finding your GPA will be posted at the bottom. *This will be the
last e-mail sent about grades since I don't want to overflow anyone's inbox.

1. Hit "reply" to this e-mail.
2. Open up a new tab, and go to my.ohio.edu
3. Sign in on the left
4. Click the "Academics" tab on the top of the page
5. Click "My OHIO Student Center" and sign in again (is two sign-ins
seriously necessary, OU??)
6. Click "Other Academics" under the academics menu and select "grades"
7. Change term to "*Spring Quarter*" and click continue
8. Highlight "Cummulative Total GPA _______"
10. CTRL+V in the e-mail reply to us.
11. SEND.

Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail and also to send us your


Alpha Phi Omega
Judiciary Board
Sergeant at Arms
Nate Freeman

Matt Mensch
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