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Hey everyone!!
So just wanted to brief all of you on a few reminders.....so first thing is
the 5K is October 20th from 12:00-3:00 we have had to change the location
to tailgate park due to Ping having problems with their booking system  so
tailgate park it is!! Also please please please start coming to the letter
writing parties........I know there are many other ways to get your 5K
hours, but the donation letters are a big part of the money we raise! So
please sign up and come! 5 letters = 1 hour. Another thing to do is to sign
up on the website for the 5K. Its already up there as are donations for the
actual event such as granola bars, water, etc. The pasta dinner
is officially October 10th at the First United Methodist Church on College
Street (we will make a facebook event) it will be from 6:30-8:00 and the
plate will be $3! Please tell your friends about this and also this will be
up on the website as a fellowship hour or a 5K hour so you can choose which
one you would prefer to have it go to. Families if you want to  get
together and make it a family hour you can do that as well! Next thing
(sorry I know long email) is Penny Wars! I know we did not bring too much
attention to it this week, but next week please come with any change you
have! Remember it is split up into families and you want to put pennies in
your bag and silver or dollars in the other families bags. The winning
family gets a service hour! Our goal is to get $200 so that we can get a
new brick at GKTW remember this money goes directly to GKTW so start
bringing those pennies so we can reach our goal! Here are the standings so
far: Epsilon is in 1st with $1.05 Sigma is in second with 26 cents and Iota
is in third with 13 cents! Last thing is this Sunday we are going to have
another run. This does count as a fellowship hour if at least 4 brothers
attend. You can walk, jog, sprint, skip whatever you feel like doing we
meet at 4:00 where the bike path meets the intramural fields at the end of
mill! Hope you all have an awesome week and save up those pennies and come
to the letter writing parties thanks so much everyone!

Hey guys we are going to have a committee meeting tomorrow same place same
time 7:00 in the bottom of Baker. We really need as many of you to be there
as can because we need to start deciding who is going to be what at each
mile mark with the bubbles, high fives, ETC. Come ready with ideas! Also
once again if you are worried about getting committee hours 5 ribbons = 1
hour we are going to need lots of donations and help with the pasta dinner
so there is a couple hours worth of stuff there. Also helping us set up and
clean up the day of the 5K is going to be worth hours last 5 donation
letters to businesses (whether in Athens or not) is worth 1 hour! Contact
is if you have any questions! Thanks guys!


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