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Thu Nov 8 14:52:34 EST 2012

If you are dropping donations off at 32 N. Congress today, I just wanted to
give you a heads up that I will be here until 6:45, not until 8 any more,
because I have to be at flyering at 7 pm.  If that causes a problem for
you, you can still drop things off tomorrow or later tonight, just shoot me
(tori) a text if those times do not work out for you.  Our house does not
have a number on it, so I put a sign on the front door.  Feel free to just
walk in and set the donations against the wall, and you will see the sign
in hanging on the wall.  Make sure to label the donations that you drop off.


*Service Week Co-Chairs
*Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma

**Tori Carras*
vc338410 at ohio.edu

*Kristen Mason*
km147509 at ohio.edu

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