[Aphio-L] I know SW emails are annoying but bear with us because it is only one week! : )

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Mon Nov 5 21:50:30 EST 2012

Hey there bro-skies,

A couple messages for you.....

If you are signed up for the healthy stations, please meet at the top floor
of baker at the front desk.
* If you are signed up for healthy station on TUES/THURS:

The first shift of people needs to set up the table at college gate by
yourselves, so here are the directions...

*Meet everyone at the top of baker by the front desk (some of you go to
office, some of you get table and chairs)


1. Go to 3rd floor of Baker

2. Pass the Greek Office and turn right where you see the media mailboxes

3. Walk past the mailboxes until you reach the gray key box on your left

4. Enter the office code:0069 2126

5. Hit enter twice

6. Type in the number 29 for the key number and hit enter twice (take the

7. Go in door 319 to the right

8. Turn left and at the end of the hallway on the right is our office, 312.

9. Go in and get the two service week boxes and water if it is left over.

10. lock office and return key to the box: repeat the same steps except
when it asks if you are picking up keys… use the arrow button (#8?)to
choose the option to return the keys and click enter.

11. Go to the desk at the top floor of baker

12.  Tell them you need to pick up the table and chairs for the table being
setting at college gate for Alpha Phi Omega

** they may ask you for a student id to use to swipe out the tables

13. Bring table chairs, and service week boxes to college gate and set up

14. Pass out health facts and pass out the giveaways to people with stars
on their health facts

15. Hang poster and flyer on table


In other notes..

If you are signed up for vegan cooking please don't forget to bring your $3
dollars, which will go towards the groceries they buy.

Lastly, for EVERYONE!

We forget to note that Hats for Heads counts as a towards SW, so you can
use it as a SW hour or a service hour.

Thanks :)


*Service Week Co-Chairs
*Alpha Phi Omega- Delta Gamma

**Tori Carras*
vc338410 at ohio.edu

*Kristen Mason*
km147509 at ohio.edu

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