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Chapter Minutes 11/4/12


   - Office hours tuesday 1:30-2:30, visit her!


- Thanksgiving Dinner! We want suggestions for donations or what you think
the best way to get everything together is!


   - Dues are $70 now! Jordin will not be at chapter but text or email her
   to arrange a time to giver her your money


   - Nominations
      - President: Dom Armelie
      - Fellowship: Victoria Vincent

 Stephanie Snyder

    - Service Week: Jamie Roberts
      - Ombudsmen: Caleb
      - Historian: Alyssa
      - J-Board: Sam
      - We need people to run for positions that aren’t filled! This looks
      great on a resume and is a great way to get to know more people in the

- Elections will start next week!


   - CFI Garden Parties- Tuesday and Thursday, must text of call Badger to
   get directions and to RSVP, Glouster, Dog shelter, Hope Drive Apartments
   - Other Garden Opportunities online as well!
   - Rural Action- Brunch set up, fundraiser event working, Nov 15 and 16
   - ATCO bowling has now finished for the semester
   - UCM Benefit Auction- overseeing appetizers and helping with clean up,
   pizza provided for volunteers, Nov 17th
   - Alpha Delta Pi’s Mr University- Monday Nov 19th, we need as many
   people to sign up as possible, all proceeds benefit Ronald McDonald House
   - GKTW- Eric needs your money by next chapter


   - THANKSGIVING DINNER! Sign ups lock tonight!
   - First interview party this thursday! It counts as fellowship hour
   (fellowship for actives not pledges) and there will be food!
   - Sign up on the website later tonight!


   - Wednesday Nov 7 SW Ridges Walk 5pm
   - Wednesday Nov 7 Blackout Game 8pm (must sit together)
   - Wednesday Nov 7 Paddle Workshop 5pm (please email us)
   - Saturday Nov 10 Hocking Hills with OSU
   - Friday Nov 30 Zoo Lights
   - Holiday Party?
   - Homecoming sweatshirts!!! If you haven’t paid or picked yours up get
   it!!! If you don’t go get yours they will start selling them to anyone in
   the chapter
   - Spirit wear? You would be able to order yourself instead of all as a
   - Don’t unsign up after an event has locked


   - No committee meeting
   - Get swabbed!

Faculty Pageant

- Don’t forget to sign up for t-shirts on the website!


   - Last week to give me DP Dough receipts
   - Key chains next Sunday
   - Please email the fundraising accounts or text Krystan if you have
   questions, do not email anyones personal accounts or post on facebook

Youth Service

   - Santa Tree Fundraisers- 11/13 Bake Sale 10-2, 11/15 Bake Sale 2-5, DP
   Dough, Blanket sale
   - West Elementary COSI Event- tabling, things about meteorology, 2 hour
   shifts all day tuesday
   - West Elementary Library Helpers
   - West Elementary World Runners Helpers- next Sunday 12-3
   - Craft Bazaar- Saturday November 17th 10-12, Shawnee
   - I have bulldog magnets
   - Give me your books/box tops/pop tabs- please put your name on all
   donations, who doesn’t have their pop tab hour?

Service Week

   - Things going on- Monday- schools and healthy station, Tuesday- vegan
   cooking, blood drive, flyering, Wednesday- healthy station, ridges walk and
   healthy station, Thursday- healthy station, and blood drive, Friday-
   healthy station, Saturday- health fair
   - Goals of the Day: Sunday only drink water, Monday only take stairs,
   Tuesday eating 5 servings of vegetables, Wednesday eat 5 servings of fruit,
   Thursday 30 minutes of exercise, Friday no fast food, Saturday combine
   - Disease of the day: Sunday CF, Monday Obesity, Tuesday Diabetes,
   Wednesday Cancer, Thursday Lung Disease, Friday STD’s, Saturday Heart
   - Does anyone have the sign in for the speaker?
   - Remember to make physical sign ins at the events
   - Any event you signed up for that starts with “SW”, the sign ins go to
   Kristen or Tori (regardless if they are for service or fellowship)
   - You have to get at least one SW hour from schools, kick cf, health
   fair, flyering, or healthy stations
   - Meet in the front after chapter if you have donations
   - For schools tomorrow meet at the office, the earlier you can get there
   the better
   - For healthy stations Mon/Wed/Fri, show up at college green to work,
   Tues/Thurs you might have to get the table from the top of Baker
   - Look out for an email after chapter
   - For fitness classes, the ridges walk and nation rural heath day, if
   you bring two non-aphio members you will get an extra service hour, mention
   on the sign in that you brought 2 friends
   - Thanks to everyone who came to Kick CF today!

Kick CF

   - Thanks to everyone who came today!
   - We raised $226.15 today and $890.00 in donations, thats a total of
   $1116.15!!!!! WOO!
   - Winning team Mackenzie has your Starbucks gift card whoever wants it

Inter Chapter

   - Contact us!
   - Koozies after chapter!
   - Committee meeting Monday at 9pm on the 5th floor of baker, Nationals
   attendees please try to come
   - More Koozie sales this weekend


   - Brother of the week is Val Hudak!!! Check out the full article on
   - Don’t forget to nominate a bro for brother of the week!


   - Happy Birthday to Amanda Breedlove, and Rachel Swalin!


   - Nola moneyy
   - Sign up for thanksgiving dinner

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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