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Hey bros

Since we didn't respond in time to be a part of the minutes, we made our
own : )

About 40-50 Active Bros still do not have their hours! I will email those
bros tomorrow personally so that you all know! Hours or not, here are the
last opportunities for fellowship:

*Ninth Inning, TOMORROW 8-11pm, Pigskin*. Baseball, Food, fun, prizes.
*18+*so don't forget your ID! Sign ups are still open! Since this is a
fellowship hour, you are expected to come and hangout with other brothers.
This isn't to be mean or anything but since it is fellowship please come
and plan to socialize with other bros! REMINDER: If you come as a
fellowship hour, you *CANNOT DRINK*! If you would like to come outside of a
fellowship hour, your actions are not associated with APhiO but still be
respectful and responsible. I have also received a lot of questions about
whether or not you have to be there the whole time, you do not have to be
there the whole time but at least for an hour to an hour and a half. If you
would like to stay at the bar and hang out once you have "done your time",
you can hangout as usually at the bar. If there are any direct questions
about this, please let me know!

*FIELD DAYYYY. Sunday 2-5pm, South Green Fields* aka "Rugby" Fields (Fields
behind South Green Garage across from the church and riverpark, right by
Foster and Brough) Come for food, fun, prizes, games! Its going to be
crayy! *Sign ups close on Friday* so if you can attend, please sign up by

There is going to be a few more fellowship opportunities during finals.

*THE DICTATOR  @ FUN BARN Tuesday, June 5, 9:20pm*  - We will be seeing
"The Dictator" at 9:25pm at The Fun Barn. We will coordinate rides from
Morton. Sign ups are up!

*APhiO Study Tables* - I will be adding a few library study times in alden
as soon as I can figure out the best times (Probably be at 3
oppurtunities)! There will be snacks and "relaxation activities" and a nice
environment for bros to come and study! I will email you all as soon as I
book the rooms and create a sign up online!

*JERSEY INFO*: Jerseys should be in by tomorrow. I will most likely be
sitting somewhere on Friday (I will email again with more details) and I
will have them at Field Day!

If you are still unable to make it to any fellowship for some reason,
please let us know ASAP so we can work something out or you will have to
discuss it with JBoard if we don't hear back from you!

Any questions or concerns,  please let us know soon as we would like to
work everything out by Finals Week so we can all focus on studying! : )


fellowshipp galss

*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
*Ashley Mullins*
*am232009 at ohio.edu*
*VP of Fellowship*
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