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Chapter Minutes 5/20/12


   - Andrea Korman, talk to Sarah
   - Contact me!


- Question of the week: Any suggestions for better ways of communicating
with your Ombudsmen other than the suggestion box, texting, the account,

Inter Chapter

   - Yay nationals! See Jamie after chapter if you’re still interested.
   - Dani Garfield: Nationals is really really fun.


- Voting on Bylaws, Red=No, Green=Yes, White=Neutral


- Stuff yourself with Fluff: $5 per person, if you win you get a gift card
and a snack delivered to you durning finals week! All proceeds go to
Habitat for Humanity, Thursday May 31, 6:30 pm. First person eats a
breakfast sandwich, next eats a lunch sandwich then dessert!

   - Timothy House Bag Collection: Timothy House is a branch of Good Works
   that works directly with the homeless, need bags to help keep belongings
   dry, purses, duffel bags, bookbags, ect! 1 bag=1 hour, bag MUST be in
   decent condition and durable to count
   - Summer: UCM Childcare: Wednesday June 6th, 5:00-7:00
   - Summer: Monday Lunch
   - Summer: ATCO: Tuesday nights, Movie nights, other trips
   - Other weeklies are up!
   - GKTW: Give Eric your money


   - Rust shirts! Yay for 73 people! Sign up online! If 125 sign up they
   are $8.50, if 144 $7.75
   - Will collect money soon and get the shirts at the beginning of fall
   - Interview committee: email should be sent, answer the questions in
   reply email to the membership account, remember, all hours will be done in
   3 days! Have any questions talk to us!
   - If you’re interested in taking a little next semester... Mandatory
   events: 1) Formal OR Informal Rush 2) Rush week event 3) Bid Day 4)


   - Ninth Inning at Pigskin, May 30th Wednesday, 8-11pm
   - Field Day, June 3rd Sunday, 2-5pm
   - V-neck Money: We are collecting tonight and tomorrow at execs! If we
   don’t order them this week, they won’t come in before the end of the year
   so we would have to cancel the order
   - Next Fall: Zoo Trip (Early September), Homecoming (October), Apple
   picking/Pumpkin Patch/ Dead Acres (October), formal (possibly?)
   - Next Fall: Fellowship Sweatshirt ($18-25), Paddles ($20-40)
   - Please let us know of some of your ideas for next years fellowship


- FInd Jenn for your Relay shirt


   - DP Dough this Tuesday 7-11! 1) Call DP Dough 2) Order some delicious
   calzones 3) Say it’s for the AphiO Fundraiser 4) Eat your delicious
   - Bake Sale this Thursday from 12-4
   - Sunglasses will be sold after chapter

Youth Service

- Boxtops!


- Committee meeting 7pma Wednesday bottom of baker

Service Week

   - Alpha Phi Omega Promotes Healthy Living! Fighting Against Diseases!
   - November 4th- November 10th: (almost) determined dates: Sunday
   11/4-Kick CF/Cookout, Friday 11/9- Elementary schools, Saturday 11/10-
   Health Fair
   - Flexible Events: Winter clothing drive, blood drive, guest speakers,
   cooking classes, ping classes (yoga, zumba, ect), movie night, healthy
   stations around campus, ‘college day’, habitat for humanity, treatment
   - Chapter Things: Goals for the chapter- have a designated ‘disease of
   the day’, wear the colors of the day, nutrition goals, only drink water
   during this week, goals involving physical activity ex: have people wear
   pedometers and we can record how many steps we have taken as a chapter
   - If any of this interests you.... Or you have other ideas/ a project in
   mind then be on our committee fall semester! Also if you have a related
   major (ex: nutrition, nursing, ex phys, ect.) We would love to have you and
   your knowledge or if you are just excited about service week and want to be
   on our committee then request it!
   - Your thoughts?
   http://www.coolshityoucanbuy.com/2011/09/im-twat-mug.html Please take
   some time this week to fill out our survey, we would really appreciate it.
   We will also send an email reminder that contains the link


- Sadly Jenn will not be here next year, if you are interested in running
for historian please contact her.


   - Brother of the week: Lisa Dean, check out the article on Facebook!
   - Press Release or Social Media Help? Contact MaryKate


- Happy Birthday to Lindsay Pearson!!!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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