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Sun May 20 20:39:12 EDT 2012

Hello my wonderful brothers!

If you are interested in being on the Interview Committee, keep reading! If
not, disregard this e-mail.  So this is how it goes..I'm going to include a
couple of questions in this e-mail, asking you about your interest in being
on interview committee, blah blah blah.  Just send us an e-mail, SEPARATE
from the one I'm sending you, and answer the questions, and we'll let you
know soon if you were selected for the committee!

Just a reminder!! When you are on the committee, you will get your
committee hours in 3 days. Meaning you NEED to be prepared to be a little
busy and also responsible for being on time to your interviews! Make sure
you have time to make this commitment!!

Here's the questions..

1. Why do you want to be on the Interview Committee?
2. What do you think you will personally bring to the Committee?
3. What do you look for in a potential brother?

Just answer these three questions, and you're golden!

Thanks guys!


Maria Pantuso
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Cody Romani
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership

Nattery Zelich
Alpha Phi Omega - Delta Gamma
VP of Membership
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