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Chapter Minutes 5/6/12


   - Please see Sarah after chapter! Theo Andrus, Victoria Calderon,
   Danielle Douglas, Tracy Gundy, Tish Koehl, Sara McElroy, Brianna McTaggert,
   Rachel Swalin, Eric Horton, Lindsay Pearson, Melissa Pennington, Madison
   Vassari, Ashlee Campbell, Amie Davis, Lauren Elliot, Morgan Messenheimer,
   Laura Montag, Myranda Owca,Megan Peiffer, Brittany Wisecup, Melissa Petro,
   Keirra Westmoreland, Andrea Korman, Jenn Branch, Lauren Moran
   - Call/text/email me! 440-665-1019 or president.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com


   - Question of the week! What fellowship events would you like to see in
   the future?


   - Nominations!
      - Inter-Chapter Relations (1) Mesha Baylis
      - Relay (3) Sara Beyoglides
      - Youth Service (2) Allison Keller, Kayleigh Bendarski, Halie Mckenzie
      - Faculty Pageant (2) Rachel Levine, Ciara Strittmather


- $45 next week


   - Sales Center Blood Drive: Tuesday in Baker, sign up online
   - The West Elementary Carnival: plenty of spots open, this friday
   - UCM Fundraising Dinner: This friday
   - Passionworks Flower Raffle: only $5 a ticket, get a service hour for
   buying a ticket, drawing is in June, we will stop selling next week
   - Dairy Barn Herb Garden: Friday May 11th and Friday May 18th, 1:00pm,
   weeding, digging, gardening, 10 people
   - WOUB Pledge Drive: Wednesday
   - Sign up for the Watermelon Bust! Sunday May 20th only $10 per person
   - School supply drive is up online
   - We need sign ins please!
   - We heard that people walked out on service at the research expo. This
   looks horrible on us as an organization. If you have information on someone
   walking out on service, you will remain anonymous or come explain why you
   felt you should have walked out on the service.
   - GKTW: Third payment on $50 due today, Eric needs to know who can drive
   cars in the next two weeks. Meet after if you want to discuss a fundraiser!


   - Binders.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com send picture, name, major, email,
   hometown, year, birthday and family
   - Membership Picnic! May 20th! Sign up online, FREE canoes!
   - Rush T-shirts: $9 if we get 125, price goes down if we hit 144! Sign
   up online and put your size in the comment box
   - Bids Committee: We will be having a meeting this Tuesday in the Baker
   Food Court at 7:30
   - Need to see these people after chapter: Ashley Urbancic, Hannah
   Hollingsworth, Leah Zellers, Madison Vassari, Maggie Lawlor, Camisha Vigil,
   Miranda Williams, Kayla Marks, Brenden Robinson, Abby Feldenkris, Laura
   Montag, Ciara Strittmather, Dominic Armelie, Melissa Petro, Toya Burns


   - Jerseys and V-necks: Jerseys $13 last night to pay for jerseys because
   we are trying to get the jerseys by field day/color wars!
   - V-necks: $17 start collecting money tonight, we will be collecting all
   week, Monday Victoria 10-12 in Grover, there will be more times that will
   be sent out over email!
   - Ninth Inning at Pigskin May 9th 8-11pm Wednesday 18+ Food, fun, wii
   baseball, doorprizes and raffle (Reds and Indians tickets!)
   - Field Day (Date Change) May 13th time TBA, South Green Fields, Games,
   fun, food, prizes[‘
   - Fellowship committee: NO meeting this week, be there early at Field
   Day to help set up and get a committee hour
   - Family Heads: please see us after chapter


   - 5 DAYS TIL RELAY!!!
   - Thank you Chippendales!!! Made about $1700.00 this weekend!!!!!
   - To get a Relay hours at Relay you HAVE to be walking, you must sign up
   on the website as well! We’ll add more time slots if it fills up.
   - Paint the town purple week: Wear past relay shirts/purple all week if
   you can
   - Monday at 6pm in front of O’bleness (behind the front four) Jenn will
   be dying streaks of hair purple for a dolla! Show up and show your support,
   they will also be doing this at relay, the dye lasts 1-2 weeks
   - Tuesday: Luminary Sales 12-4, Redbrick Serving 5-8, Redbrick eating
   5-8, Letter Writing 9pm Grover W115
   - Wednesday: Paint the wall 10pm-11pm
   - Thursday: Grilled Cheese Sale
   - Friday: RELAY!!!!!
   - Hour Opportunities at Relay: Hand out our team t-shirts 5pm-8pm, Water
   and Granola bar donations, Luminaria set up 3:30pm-4:30pm, Survivorship
   dinner set up 4-5pm, Survivorship dinner dessert donations, must be nice
   but don’t have to make as many, after relay there will be thank you letter


   - Re-set and Recycle is this week! Everyone signed up to do it come see
   us after chapter
   - Committee we will be having a meeting this week, lookout for an email
   on Monday
   - We have sunglasses left! Buy 2 for $10 and get an hour! Look out for
   an email with times to stop by the Front Room and buy them

Youth Service

   - Box Tops! 10=1 hour, you can only do this once a quarter, sign up on
   the website
   - Kidpaloza: Thurday May 10th, 2 shifts 8:30-12 and 12-3, you need to
   drive/get a ride. hitchhike to Logan
   - Camp Quality: Still interested? Find Rachel!
   - Missing Kidfest sign-ins from: Katja Slatinsek, Miranda Williams,
   Allyssa Pasicznyk, Halie Mckenzie, Stephanie Snyder, Heather Davidson,
   Natalie Zelich, Sam Shaw, Samantha Rommel, Melanie Oreskovich, Ashley
   Koenig, Jasmine Garcia, Toya Burns
   - Hours will be up to date so far, double check, we’re human and make
   mistakes too, if you are missing something, email the account
   - Interested in being Youth Service Chair? Talk to us


   - We made about $275 at the Ice Cream Social yesterday! Thanks to
   everyone who came to support or help out
   - Special thanks to our committee for all the help
   - We will not be having a committee meeting this week
   - We really would like your guys ideas for how to make the 5k better or
   any fundraising ideas you have!
   - Even if you are not on our committee please feel free to email the
   account we would love to hear what you have to say


   - Write your seniors letters and put them in the box
   - Senior send off videos: Wednesday 6pm-8pm room 401b in the library,
   you can email me your own  videos too


   - Contact me!


   - Brother of the Week: Megan Burney, check out the article on Facebook!
   - Press Release, Social Media help? Contact me!


   - No birthdays this week :(
   - Please sign up for the Awards Banquet on May 16th! If you are unable
   to make it the full time you can still come, it will be 7-10pm in the
   Walter Rotunda
   - Please pass back the superlative votes at the end of chapter! (If you
   need more time I will wait of you can email me)


   - Bring cans to Jamie Perry buy 11 tomorrow morning!

Carolyn Gardner
Secretary/Alpha Phi Omega Coed Service Fraternity/Chapter Delta Gamma
secretary.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com<http://secretary%2Eaphiodeltagamma@gmail.com/740.517.0606>


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