[Aphio-L] **Important about changing the date for Field Day PLEASE READ**

Fellowship Chairs fellowship.aphiodeltagamma at gmail.com
Fri May 4 15:12:15 EDT 2012

Hey Bros so I just posted on the 'AphiO Delta Gamma' FB Page about this but
long story short, there is an oppurtunity for us to change the date of
field day from this sunday (May 6) to next sunday (May 13). The reason this
is because all the fields on campus were booked up and the time slot we are
in now was the only one available but I finally got a hold of someone in
Campus Rec and they said the south green fields are availiable for NEXT
SUNDAY MAY 13. I would love to change it to this date because i know it
would work better for a lot of people so if you feel the same please go
onto the FB page and 'Like' my post! If you are not a member or don't the
group page. Here's the link: Aphio (Delta Gamma) Facebook

Become a part of the group if you aren't one and please help us decide
whether to change the date by hitting 'Like' on my (Victoria Vincent) post!
If you have any questions about everything, please get back to us! : )

Thanks Everyone! I hope this works out! : )

*Victoria Vincent*
*vv246109 at Ohio.edu
*VP of Fellowship*
*Ashley Mullins*
*am232009 at ohio.edu*
*VP of Fellowship*
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